Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

I am reading and discussing this book through the Barnes & Nobles First Look book club. To participate, one needs to sign up and request the book. If copies are available, then you receive an ARC of the book to read and discuss before it is published. This particular book is scheduled to be published in February 2010.

The Postmistress takes the idea of "what if I don't deliver this letter?" and the story evolves around the consequences of that action. This story is set in WWII times and the turmoil of that time period.

We have just started the discussing the book this week. I will have to say that I am enjoying the book very much and have been pulled into all of the character's lives. I am excited to hear from the author when she joins our online disussions.

Watch for the Postmistress in February on check out the book clubs available on the Barnes & Nobles site.


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