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Release Day! That's the Spirit by Mallory Pierce ~ My Thoughts, an Excerpt, and a #Giveaway! #ThatsTheSpirit @MalloryPAuthor

Happy Release Day!

Congrats Mallory
on the release today of
That's the Spirit!

That's the Spirit by Mallory Pierce
Paranormal Cozy Mystery, 285 pages
Published October 5, 2022

He’s on a deadline; she's just . . . dead.

Brought back from the other side by a sΓ©ance, Gwendolyn Frink has been roaming the halls of her family’s Victorian house for more than a century. She can’t communicate with the living, she can’t leave the premises, and she can’t stand feeling useless.

Enter Nolan Drake, aka the Guru of Gore. Suffering from a wicked case of writer’s block, the best-selling horror author purchases the empty Victorian, thinking a change of scenery from Manhattan to upstate New York might get his creative juices flowing again.

Gwen is thrilled to have a new housemate even when he turns out to be an antisocial, coffee-guzzling grump—spectral beggars can’t be choosers, right?

Nolan is not thrilled when he discovers his real estate agent's dead body in the attic of the Victorian along with its resident ghost—a very talkative, opinionated ghost who insists on him helping her solve the murder of Morgan Charles.

Can this unlikely investigative duo crack the case so that the streets of Woebrook will be safe for the town’s annual Festival of Frights? Or will they run afoul of the wrong person, dooming them both to haunt the Victorian, and drive each other batty, for eternity?

If you enjoy sassy sleuths and supernatural shenanigans, That’s the Spirit! is the book for you! It’s similar in tone and content to the works of Paranormal Cozy Mystery authors Angie Fox, Erin Huss, and Annabel Chase.


My thoughts about That's the Spirit ~~

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"Death was a colossal bore."

Oh my goodness! This was such a fun book to read! I immediately fell in love with Gwendolyn Frink, the resident ghost trapped in her old home. Gwen is a hoot, I love her sense of humor and intelligence. Honestly, there were quite a few LOL moments as I got to know her and how her mind works.  

When she meets the new owner of the house, writer Nolan Drake, the real fun begins. The chemistry between these two characters takes the reader on a joy ride, as they try to solve the mystery of the dead real estate agent that they discovered in the attic. You know nothing can come of them, romantically.... you know....because she's a ghost....but you sure would like it to. They play off each other so beautifully. 

I loved how they worked together, in very unconventional ways mind you, to help solve the murder mystery. The situations they found themselves in were hysterical but ingenious as far as crime solving goes. 

The entire story was delightful and entertaining and the ending left a perfect opening for the next story. I am so excited for this series and I can't wait for more!! 

I can't recommend That's the Spirit! enough. It's the perfect story to read anytime but especially now, as it's based around Halloween and has a ghost as a main character. Lovers of romcoms, cozies, and light paranormal will fall in love with these characters and this series. 5 🌟 read for me! 

Psst! Check out the giveaway below to win a Kindle copy of That's the Spirit!

I received a copy of That's the Spirit from the author and this is my honest opinion of the book.


by Mallory Pierce

“Mr. Drake! Mr. Drake!” I tapped his cheek with my fingers even though I knew he wouldn’t feel it. “Wake up, Mr. Drake!”

His eyelids fluttered and he groaned. “You’re only a figment of my imagination, so no need for formality. Call me Nolan.”

“Now I’m a figment of your imagination? My goodness, you are stubborn! Why won’t you just accept that I’m a ghost?”

“Because”— he struggled to push himself up to a sitting position— “it’s too weird and I might write weird, but I don’t want to live it. Ow!” Clutching the back of his head, he grimaced in pain.

“Look me in the eye,” I instructed.

“No way!” He pushed his spectacles, which were askew thanks to his fall, back up his nose and averted his gaze. “I’m not going to let you put the ghost whammy on me.”

“I’m not a ghost, remember? And a figment of your imagination cannot put a whammy, whatever that is, on you. You might have incurred a serious injury when your occipital bone struck the floor, but I can’t determine that without further examination.”

“Occipital—what’s with you and all the fancy, medical terms?” He asked, turning back toward me. “You said asphyxial earlier.”

“My father was a physician. I spent a great deal of time at his office and sometimes assisted him with patients, so I have a good deal of medical knowledge.”

I leaned in so that I could stare into his eyes, which were a lovely shade of hazel with green on the outer portion of the iris and a ring of golden brown around the pupil. Something about their color struck me as being familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on why.

“Your pupils are the same size, and they aren’t dilated,” I announced, “so that’s a good sign. Do you feel nauseated or have ringing in your ears?”

“No, but I think I’ve lost my sense of smell because I’m not gagging on Eau de Dead Real Estate Agent anymore. She’s still over there, right?” He inclined his head to the left but didn’t glance in that direction.

“I’m afraid so. Your nose has probably just adjusted to the scent of her decompo—”

“Please stop,” he requested, looking very green around the gills, “or I’ll have to change my answer about being nauseated.”

“You’re quite squeamish for someone in your line of work. It’s not like Miss Charles’ death was as gruesome as the ones you write about, and her body is still in the first stage of decomposition. It hasn’t even started to bloat ye—” 

“I’m out!” Nolan declared, standing up so fast that he swayed precariously and had to grab onto the rocking horse to steady himself. 

About the author

Mallory Pierce is a third-generation graveyard enthusiast (tombstones tell such interesting stories!), reader of Nancy Drew, player of Clue, devout dissectologist (look it up!), and the owner of several fetching trench coats. So, it makes perfect sense that she spends her days writing stories about a plucky, crime-solving ghost.

Despite having visited haunted houses from San Jose to Savannah, Mallory has yet to have a close encounter with anyone from the Great Beyond and that’s probably for the best because she’s sort of a wimp. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone.
That’s the Spirit! is the first of what will hopefully be many Paranormal Cozy Mysteries penned by Mallory Pierce, which is a pseudonym of award-winning Romantic Comedy author Tracie Banister.

Connect with Mallory


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Release Day! Ignatius and the Battle at Dinas Affaraon by D.A. Mucci ~ Interview and #Giveaway! @booksforwardpr #IgnatiusAndTheBattleAtDinasAffaraon

Happy Release Day!

Congrats David
on the release today of
Ignatius and the Battle at Dinas Affaraon!

Ignatius and the Battle at Dinas Affaraon by D.A. Mucci 
October 5, 2022 | Fantasy |  St. Barts Publishing  
Paperback | 978-1-7372778-4-2| $9.99
Ebook | 978-1-7372778-5-9 | $4.99

Farmington, CT – Emergency Room physician-turned-fantasy writer D.A. Mucci returns with the highly anticipated second book in his YA fantasy series: Ignatius and The Battle at Dinas Affaraon (October 5, 2022, St. Bart’s Publishing). Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts heralded this fantasy adventure series as “just terrific,” and reviewers have praised the breathtaking detail of a “magical world full of fantastic beasts, some of which are not what you typically expect.”

The first book in the series, Ignatius and the Swords of Nostaw, won an Independent Press Award and was well-received by YA fantasy fans. Now in the second installment of this acclaimed series, Iggy forges a sword from a meteorite–but will it be the weapon to save them?

As the obsessive Emperor Mallak plans to kill Iggy for his crystal amulet, Iggy remains entirely focused on becoming a master smith. Well, almost entirely–he is distracted by his crush, Raraesa, and can’t help but hope that she notices his newfound fighting skills (and fighting physique). There’s just one problem: a dark wizard, a Death Knight, and five thousand soldiers have been tasked with hunting him down. 

Where will he hide? The mysteries of the Nostaw Warrior still haunt Iggy. There must be a repiceason he was given the sword, and he prays it will help him return to his place and time in Pennsylvania–but right now, home seems farther away than ever. Will he find he answers he’s seeking on the Island of Cambria? He doesn’t have much time to figure it out–an  battle is looming, and it will change Iggy’s life. 

Fans of coming-of-age YA fantasy with relatable teen protagonists, fantastic beasts, mysterious powers and incredible worldbuilding will love Iggy’s story.  In Mucci’s newest novel, readers  will meet exciting  new characters, dive deeper into the rich world of Skye, and hold on tight as twists and turns abound.

Unlikely warrior returns in action-packed fantasy series Good Morning America calls “terrific”. Independent Press Award winner releases anticipated Book 2.

An Interview with D.A. Mucci

Before we get to the actual interview, I asked the author the question "What makes writing a series harder than writing a standalone book?" Here is what D.A. Mucci had to say about that. 

"Writing a series requires much more planning than for a single book.  You need careful plot planning so that each book has a unique plot while being a part of the overall series plot you have designed.  You need to tell the reader enough in a single story to make that story exciting, but not so much that they don’t want to return for the next book in the series — there has to be something left unanswered that makes the reader want to come back for more.  This means you have to make your characters interesting enough so the reader is vested in wanting to see what happens next.  You have to define the motivation for each character before you begin the series, and use that to drive your characters’ actions across all the books.  So character planning, as well as plot planning, is essential when you undertake writing a series. "

How did you go about expanding the world you created in Book One? 

Though the four lands within my fantasy world remain, as the plot and characters expand in Book 2, more locations within the Kingdom of Skye and Dinas Affaraon are revealed to the readers.  

What was the process like in writing the sequel? Did you take a break in writing or are you just continuously writing the next one?

I took a break writing after Book One, just long enough to engage with my new readers on social media and in person. Then, I moved right along to continuing Iggy’s adventures in Book Two. This is my first time writing a sequel. When writing a second book I had to make sure that readers new to the series would find the adventure exciting and could relate to the characters previously introduced. I have a new appreciation for authors that write sequels so seamlessly. 

Though Iggy is the star, you’ve also created new languages and nearly 50 different characters. Which are some of your favorites?

I love the Madam Trinity character. She doesn’t appear to have it all together, but underneath the crazy facade you know she is an extremely capable, intelligent and formidable person to have on your side. 

I wanted a very diverse set of characters so readers of all ages had someone to relate to.  Iggy is the geeky character, while rebellious Lecque fights for what he feels is right. Ansel is the strong mentor Iggy needs. Kylian is one of the strongest male characters, holding true to his principles while being imprisoned for years. Allistair is the most powerful man in Matreach and has a physical disability.

And there are strong female characters along with Madam Trinity, each strong in their own unique way: Raraesa is physically a strong sword fighter with a soft side she doesn’t often show. Trafalga has a bohemian carefree look with a gift that will help save many and guide Iggy. Nyreada is the strong, brave personality who is typically quiet unless she sees unethical practices. And Scathatch is known for being the best warrior that oversees all, helping in a stealthy critical manner. 

I wanted to include different languages to highlight Iggy’s special ability to learn them, to showcase his intelligence. While this intelligence was ridiculed in a typical middle school and high school setting, language is one of Iggy’s strengths, and he will use it along the way to accomplish his quests. 

What advice would you give to writers who feel like their time to write a book has expired?

At 68 years old I’m writing a story that caters to Young Adults. There is no age limit for using your creativity and imagination. 

Without giving spoilers, can you give readers any sneak peek into the rest of the planned series? Will we meet new characters, visit new places, etc.?

In Book 3, the Resistance group’s efforts strengthen as many in the Kingdom of Skye work to curb Mallak’s growing power. Madam Trinity has to face decisions made in her past, leaving her to fulfill a task she dreads. Iggy continues on to another quest to help him gain the power and knowledge he needs to help himself get back to the place and time he calls home. While the Kingdom of Skye, Matreach and Dinas Affaron will still be featured, we learn more about Cambria in Book 3. 

What was your experience working full-time in an emergency room during the height of the pandemic and writing the first book? 

As a physician for almost 40 years, most of them in an Emergency Room setting, you see all kinds of ailments, accidents and death. While no two cases are exactly the same, experience and knowledge helps you decide quickly what action you’ll take to save a life or manage an urgent health condition. Then a pandemic hits that you don’t have a set of experiences to rely on to truly help you manage patients, and treating patients becomes a whole new level of stress as you make your best guess and read the latest medical news to help you treat those patients suffering significantly. All as you are praying none of your protective gear reeks so you don't bring exposure home to the family you love.

These stressful circumstances pushed me to bring this fantasy world to fruition. Most of us binge watched shows during the pandemic, and I simply needed a different outlet after a while to feel like I was doing something to help others escape and relax for their stress. What started as a stress outlet has turned into a passion, helping others escape into a book as they need to.

About the author

After 40 years as an Emergency Room physician, D.A. Mucci turned to writing fantasy fiction in his spare time as an enjoyable escape from the pandemic stress. Mucci’s two adult children inspired his love of the fantasy genre during their younger years. His first book in the IgnatiusTM series was well received, winning an Independent Press award, that he now spends most of his time writing and only part-time with patients in the Emergency Room. 

Mucci calls both Connecticut and Florida home, and with his wife Jeanne by his side, he's constantly dreaming up new, fantastical creatures, daring escapades, and witty one-liners. He looks forward to writing more adventures for Iggy in this series, and hopes they provide readers the same delightful escape it brought him during the pandemic when Iggy’s adventures began. Learn more about the author and get excited for more adventures at

Connect with David

This is not my typical genre to read but it does look interesting and I love promoting authors. The publisher kindly offered a copy of this book for one of you to win. Isn't that fabulous!? Good luck!! And can I just say that this cover is amazing!

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Book Blitz! Reasons Why Not to Date Your Nemesis by Melanie Munton ~ Excerpt & #Giveaway! @melanie_munton #ReasonsWhyNotToDateYourNemesis @XpressoTours


Reasons Why Not to Date Your Nemesis by Melanie Munton
(Shell Grove, #2)
Publication date: October 4th 2022
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

There’s a new sheriff in town…
And he’s her worst nightmare.

Reason #1: Ben Crawford is Olivia Knight’s long-time arch rival. They’ve been sworn enemies ever since she wore overalls to school one day, and he asked her in homeroom where she parked her cow. Now that he’s back, it doesn’t appear much has changed. He’s still arrogant. He’s still trouble. And this time, he’s got a badge and handcuffs. Which will make murdering him and disposing of his body much more challenging for her.

Reason #2: Sheriff Ben has done a lot of growing up during his time away from Shell Grove. He went and got himself some muscles and tattoos, and has the nerve to wear that sheriff’s uniform absurdly well. For some reason, that’s all she can seem to focus on whenever they cross paths. All the nice changes he’s made, instead of how vehemently she’s vowed to hate his guts for all eternity.

Reason #3: The complicated connection that has forever entwined their lives doesn’t have a pleasant backstory. As adults, they should be able to forget what happened when they were teenagers and move on. But in a small town where everyone has long memories, there are reminders everywhere of the nasty events that destroyed both of their families years ago. And she’s not sure their growing feelings for each other are enough to forgive the sins of the past and carve out a future…together.

Ben has a secret. A big one. The longer he’s in Shell Grove and surrounded by people who know his sordid history, the more likely that secret is going to come out. But if it does, Olivia will never speak to him again. Which will not do. Because he’s finally realized that Olivia is the reason why he came back to town in the first place. And if he doesn’t want to lose her forever, he needs to correct the mistakes he made a long time ago and prove he’s not the NEMESIS she’s always thought him to be.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo



Ben was barely listening to the conversation around him since a familiar tingling sensation had started crawling up the back of his neck. It was the anticipation of getting eyes on Olivia, needing eyes on her. Making sure that no one was heckling her, that she was having a good time.

Oh, who are you bullshitting? You don’t want her having a good time with another guy.

It made him a bastard, but yeah. He honestly didn’t know what he would do if he saw her flirting with another man. Probably break something. Maybe whip out his cuffs and threaten to arrest some motherfuckers. Which was completely insane. He needed to bottle that shit up immediately before the crazy started to show on his face.

Something over Finn’s shoulder caught his attention, and Ben saw red.

He took it all back. There was a motherfucker that definitely needed arresting.

The one currently chatting up his girl.

Your girl? Since when, Benny?

Some douchebag wearing a blue button-up shirt with whales all over it was smiling at Olivia from ear-to-ear as they stood next to the food truck-turned-mobile tiki bar, Freaky Tiki. He didn’t recognize the guy, but he was openly flirting with the wrong woman.

“Be right back,” he bit out to his friends and took off storming across the sand.

He’d tried to control it. It wasn’t like they had agreed to be exclusive. They weren’t even dating, for Christ’s sake. But Ben acting on his jealousy toward Olivia had become a compulsion in a remarkably short period of time. Any man that showed the slightest interest in her, he wanted to pummel into the fucking ground. He knew it was selfish and irrational and completely unfair of him. But controlling that impulse—the impulse to do something and mark his territory—was as impossible as telling his dick to chill the fuck out every time it was in her presence.

He was closing in on them before he took stock of himself.

And oh, he really should have.

The county sheriff was barreling down on The Freaky Tiki like he was about to put somebody on their ass. People on the beach got out of his way and watched him with wide eyes, probably hoping they were about to catch something on their phones they could post on their socials. But he wasn’t going to get physical with the guy. Probably not. He was just going to intimidate the hell out of him until he put at least a good twenty feet between his body and Olivia’s.

Olivia caught sight of him approaching over Moby Dick’s shoulder, her face betraying her shock.

“Evening, Liv.”

Her companion jolted because yeah, Ben had snuck up right behind him and the guy hadn’t even noticed. Military training strikes again. It wasn’t like Moby Dick was a shrimp by any means, but Ben still had inches and pounds on him. In the physical sense, Ben didn’t feel threatened at all. But when another male started sniffing around Olivia…he saw everything as a fucking threat. A simple nod, an innocent smile. Any behavior that was targeted at her for the express purpose of showing sexual or romantic interest risked the possibility of Olivia nodding back at someone else. Of her smiling back at someone that wasn’t him. And oftentimes, smiling was a gateway to so much more.

“Hello, Sheriff.”

As casual a greeting as that was, her voice was anything but. The husky quality to her words belied an intimacy between them. A personal history.

He fucking loved hearing that.

She cleared her throat and yanked her gaze away. “Um. Colin, this is Sheriff Crawford.”

Moby Dick shrewdly inspected him for a few seconds before rising to his full height that was still an inch or two shorter than Ben’s. “Nice to meet you.”

When he stuck out his hand, Ben didn’t move to shake it. In fact, he didn’t address Dick at all.

To Olivia, he gritted out, “Could I have a word?”


About the author

Melanie grew up in the Midwest, but she loves living in the Southeast (where the beaches are!) now with her husband and daughter.

Melanie's other passion is traveling and seeing the world. With anthropology degrees under their belts, she and her husband have made it their goal in life to see as many archaeological sites around the world as possible.

She has a horrible food addiction to pasta and candy (not together...ew). And she gets sad when her wine rack is empty.

At the end of the day, she is a true romantic at heart. She loves writing the cheesy and corny of romantic comedies, and the sassy and sexy of suspense. She aims to make her readers swoon, laugh out loud, maybe sweat a little, and above all, fall in love.

Go visit Melanie's website and sign up for her newsletter to stay updated on release dates, teasers, and other details for all of her projects!

Connect with Melanie

Website | Goodreads | Facebook

Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub

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Release Day! In the Shadow of a Queen by Heather B. Moore ~ My Thoughts #InTheShadowOfTheQueen @heatherbmoore @ShadowMountn

Happy Release Day!

Congrats Heather
on the release today of
In the Shadow of a Queen!

In the Shadow of a Queen by Heather B. Moore
Historical Fiction, 384 pages
Published October 4, 2022 by Shadow Mountain

Based on the true story of the free-spirited daughter of Queen Victoria.

Princess Louise’s life is upended after her father’s untimely death. Captive to the queen’s overwhelming mourning, Louise is forbidden to leave her mother’s tight circle of control and is eventually relegated to the position of personal secretary to her mother—the same position each of her sisters held until they were married.

Already an accomplished painter, Louise risks the queen’s wrath by exploring the art of sculpting, an activity viewed as unbefitting a woman. When Louise involves herself in the day’s political matters, including championing the career of a female doctor and communicating with suffragettes, the queen lays down the law to stop her and devotes her full energy to finding an acceptable match for her defiant daughter.

Louise is considered the most beautiful and talented daughter of Queen Victoria, but finding a match for the princess is no easy feat. Protocols are broken, and Louise exerts her own will as she tries to find an open-minded husband who will support her free spirit.

In the Shadow of a Queen is the story of a battle of wills between two women: a daughter determined to forge her own life beyond the shadow of her mother, and a queen resolved to keep the Crown’s reputation unsullied no matter the cost. 


My thoughts about In the Shadow of a Queen ~~

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"Until today I have been unable to write in my Journal, which I shall now take up where I left off, though not before I have expressed by heart, felt thanks for God's merciful protection again on this occasion, & for being so particularly well."

Okay, right off the bat, I have to confess that the time period covered in this book has not really interested me in the past. The royal family has really never been a fascination for me either. 

But the book is written by Heather B. Moore so I knew I had to give it a chance. With every single book that I have read by Ms. Moore, I have learned so, so much. So even though it was topic that I didn't think I would be interested in, I knew that by reading her words, the subject would come alive for me. 

That's why I took a chance on In the Shadow of a Queen—not a subject I was particularly interested in—because I knew it would be a wonderful read and a great experience. And with the recent passing of the Queen, my world has been filled with all things royal so this book came at the perfect time. 

Learning about Princess Louise and Queen Victoria was enlightening and coming to understand the lives and expectations of the royals was eye-opening. I guess all mothers and daughters have issues, no matter their station in life, some just on a grander scale.

Like I said, anything that I read from Ms. Moore has been compelling and educational for me and I find myself becoming engrossed by the topic. I love learning about new things and her writing is so eloquent that it's a pleasurable experience to learn, not painful like it was in school. πŸ˜‰

In the Shadow of a Queen took me out of my comfort zone, as far as reading material goes, but I have now discovered a whole new genre world that has been opened up to me. The royal family and their traditions are so interesting and I want to find out more. 

I highly recommend In the Shadow of a Queen for all historical fiction lovers, especially if you have even just a little bit of interest in the royals. It was a delight to read. 

I received a copy of In the Shadow of a Queen from the publisher via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion of the book.

About the author

Heather B. Moore is a USA Today bestselling author of more than ninety publications. Heather writes primarily historical and #herstory fiction about the humanity and heroism of the everyday person. Publishing in a breadth of genres, Heather dives into the hearts and souls of her characters, meshing her love of research with her love of storytelling.

Her historicals and thrillers are written under pen name H.B. Moore. She writes women's fiction, romance and inspirational non-fiction under Heather B. Moore, and speculative fiction under Jane Redd. This can all be confusing, so her kids just call her Mom. 

Heather attended Cairo American College in Egypt and the Anglican School of Jerusalem in Israel. Despite failing her high school AP English exam, Heather persevered and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Brigham Young University in something other than English. ~ Goodreads

Connect with Heather


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It's Monday! What Are You Reading? October 3, 2022 #IMWAYR


It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. It's an opportunity to visit other blogs and to comment on their reads. And ... you can add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome everyone. This meme started with J Kaye's Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date. And here we are! 


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a good week. 
Happy reading!

What I'm currently reading

Home Sweet Christmas
by Susan Mallery
Pub date October 4
From Halloween reading right in Christmas. 
I don't see why I wouldn't. 
My thoughts will be posted on Friday.

The Great Jackalope Stampede
by Ann Charles
Narrated by Lisa Larsen
Going to meet up with this author next week. EEK!!

What I recently finished

That's the Spirit!
(Ghost Writer Mystery, #1)
by Mallory Pierce
Pub date October 5
OMG - so much fun!
And the perfect read right before Halloween.
My thoughts will be posted on Wednesday ~
~ with a GIVEAWAY!

In the Shadow of a Queen
by Heather B. Moore
Pub date October 4
My thoughts will be posted tomorrow.

His Happy Place
by Zakiya Dalila Harris
Narrated by Shayna Small 

Jackrabbit Junction Jitters
by Ann Charles
Narrated by Lisa Larsen

What I am going to read next

Mad Honey
by Jodi Picoult & Jennifer Finney Boylan
Pub date October 4

I really love my reading life!

What are you reading this week?


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New Release! The Remembering Tree by HR Mason ~ My Thoughts and a #Giveaway! #TheRememberingTree @heidireneemason @HotTreePromos

The Remembering Tree by HR Mason
Genre: Supernatural/Gothic Suspense
Release Date: October 1, 2022
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

 Now Live! 

Only she who holds the key will unearth the secrets of the Remembering Tree. 

Still trying to pick up the pieces after the sudden death of her husband, Gemma Clayborn takes her fifteen-year-old daughter, Opal, and heads for Beacon Shores, a tiny coastal town in the state of Washington. Her daughter is angry at the world, and Gemma is simply trying to survive. She plans to restore Moonstone House, the ancestral estate left to her by her grandmother.  

When Gemma arrives in Beacon Shores, Moonstone House immediately captures her heart. She remembers spending summers there as a child, back before her mother decided they could never go there again. Eric Johnson, the contractor restoring the home, piques Gemma’s interest as well. She feels a strange connection to him, almost as if they already know one another.  

What intrigues Gemma the most, however, is the strange and beautiful redbud tree in the front yard. The tree seems to know things, whispering to her, urging her to uncover the secrets of the past. The discovery of an old journal leads Gemma down the rabbit hole, into the pages of her great-great-grandmother’s life, one that eerily parallels her own. She begins to unravel the story of the women in her family, a history she could have never imagined.  

Will Gemma figure out the secrets of Moonstone House before it’s too late? Or are some things better left buried in the pages of the journal? 

 Available now! 

Amazon | iTunes | Kobo | B&N

My thoughts about The Remembering Tree ~~

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"'What's that, Mama?' The little girl scrunched up her forehead and shielded her eyes with her hand, blocking the sunlight."

This book grabbed me from the very first chapter. I knew right away that this was going to be a exciting, intriguing story. What's not to love about that mysterious, magical, somewhat eerie beginning? I was hooked!

Gemma, and her daughter Opal, have their hands full when they move back to the old family home. The place needs renovation and updating. But little did they know that some things can't be changed and what is destined to happen, will happen, whether they like it or not. Gemma's discovery of old journals take her on a journey into the past and brings it colliding with the present. 

This book was intriguing and kept me going until the exciting, intense ending. I love the direction that Mason takes her readers in her stories—directions I wasn't expecting—but ones that I love all the same. And Mason's words are so beautifully written that it so easy to get lost in the story as the words flow. 

I highly recommend The Remembering Tree, especially if you love an intense, beautifully written paranormal tale that will stick with you for a long time. 

I received a copy of The Remembering Tree from Hot Tree Promotions and this is my honest opinion of the book.

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Heidi Renee Mason is an Ohio girl transplanted into the Pacific Northwest. She is a homeschooling mom of three daughters, wife of one mailman, and a people-watching introvert who can be found hiding in the nearest corner.



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Saturday, October 1, 2022

This OR That #Giveaway № 75 ~ The Good Woman by Jane Porter OR Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster #TheGoodWoman #HereIGoAgain


I have sooooo many books!

The This or That Giveaway! feature that I post every Saturday is a way for me to cull my collection and to share some of the many books I have. I get to clear off some of my shelves to make room for more books and give someone else the chance to enjoy these treasures.

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!


The Good Woman
(Brennan Sisters #1)
by Jane Porter
Paperback ~ Published September 2012

Is it possible to leave it all behind?

The firstborn of a large Irish-American family, Meg Brennan Roberts is a successful publicist, faithful wife, and doting mother who prides herself on always making the right decisions. But years of being "the good woman" have taken a toll and though her winery career thrives, Meg feels burned out and empty, and more disconnected than ever from her increasingly distant husband. Lonely and disheartened, she attends the London Wine Fair with her boss, ruggedly handsome vintner, Chad Hallahan. It's here, alone together in an exotic city, far from "real" life, that Chad confesses his long-standing desire for Meg.

Overwhelmed, flattered, and desperately confused, Meg returns home, only to suddenly question every choice she's ever made, especially that of her marriage. For Meg, something's got to give, and for once in her life she flees her responsibilities--but with consequences as reckless and irreversible as they are liberating. Now she must decide whether being the person everyone needs is worth losing the woman she was meant to be.


Here I Go Again
by Jen Lancaster
Paperback ~ Published January 2013

Hilarious new fiction from the New York Times bestselling author of Bitter Is the New Black and If You Were Here.

Twenty years after ruling the halls of her suburban Chicago high school, Lissy Ryder doesn't understand why her glory days ended. Back then, she was worshipped...beloved...feared. Present day, not so much. She's been pink-slipped from her high-paying job, dumped by her husband, and kicked out of her condo. Now, at thirty-seven, she's struggling to start a business out of her parents' garage and sleeping under the hair-band posters in her old bedroom.

Lissy finally realizes karma is the only bitch bigger than she was. Her present is miserable because of her past. But it's not like she can go back in time and change who she was...or can she? 



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