Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was familiar with RSS feeds before this lesson but knew that there was a whole lot more out there that I didn't know about it. This concept was confusing for me and I knew that it had to be easier than I was making it.

I have now set up my RSS feeds to go into Google Reader. I have an iGoogle account set up already and use it for documents and other things so this was just adding another component to something I already use.

I tried to set up RSS feeds through my Outlook mail but didn't really like it that way so I cancelled all of those over time. I now have a number of feeds set up through my brower but I was limited to looking at them only when at that particular computer. Using the Google reader will allow me to read the information from any computer, I just need to log into my iGoogle account.

Using RSS allows me to keep up with websites that I am interested in and helps me to not forget about them. I usually check my feeds about once a week, usually on Friday afternoon when it is a little harder to focus on work projects.

Adding RSS to a library site would be a wonderful way to get your library information out to your patrons. Essentially, you are going to them, they do not have to remember to come to you.

Monday, July 13, 2009


I knew what Twitter was before this lesson and feel I have a good handle on what it is and how it works.

Personally, I have no desire to share that much information about myself nor to learn that much about other individuals. To me is seems like a big 'sink hole' that doesn't seem to have a point and it seems rather egotistical that someone would think that others would be that interested in their thoughts and actions. I have a Facebook account and I feel that I get enough 'sharing' through that.

I know I have not been exposed to the library-related advantages of Twitter so there is probably something I am missing but I think I am okay with that. Twitter is not really something I want to pursue.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Creating my blog

Wow! It was super easy to set up a blog. Everything was so simple to make a great looking blog. It will be fun to customize it in the future as I become more comfortable with blogging.

Our library already has a blog that we use to post to occasionally. I will be interested to learn what others are doing with their library blogs and how we can utilize ours more.

I am hoping that my personal blog will be of interest to others that like to read as I plan to blog about books I have read, am reading now and would like to read in the future.

7 and 1/2 Lifelong Learning Habits

The information about the 7 1/2 habits was very interesting and made me think about myself and how I learn. I think the easiest habit for me is #2 - 'Accept responsibility for your own learning - invest in your future.' I am constantly looking for new things to learn and take classes whenever I can. I think the hardest habit for me is #3 - 'View problems as challenges.' I tend to think of problems as problems and not as a learning opportunity at the time.

I am excited for this Library 2.0 project and hope to learn ways to use this technology as a means to 'keep up' with our students and patrons.

Thanks to the State Library for providing this wonderful opportunity!
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