Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I was familiar with RSS feeds before this lesson but knew that there was a whole lot more out there that I didn't know about it. This concept was confusing for me and I knew that it had to be easier than I was making it.

I have now set up my RSS feeds to go into Google Reader. I have an iGoogle account set up already and use it for documents and other things so this was just adding another component to something I already use.

I tried to set up RSS feeds through my Outlook mail but didn't really like it that way so I cancelled all of those over time. I now have a number of feeds set up through my brower but I was limited to looking at them only when at that particular computer. Using the Google reader will allow me to read the information from any computer, I just need to log into my iGoogle account.

Using RSS allows me to keep up with websites that I am interested in and helps me to not forget about them. I usually check my feeds about once a week, usually on Friday afternoon when it is a little harder to focus on work projects.

Adding RSS to a library site would be a wonderful way to get your library information out to your patrons. Essentially, you are going to them, they do not have to remember to come to you.


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