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My Reading World Wednesday January 28, 2015

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What I'm currently reading

When We Fall by Emily Liebert
This is my selection for book club this month. I hope they like it.

Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy #1) by Susan Kaye Quinn (audio book)

What I recently finish reading

Tortured Souls by Kimber Leigh Wheaton
Great story! I can't wait for the next in the series. My thoughts will be posted soon. 

How Do You Know? (Seeking Happily Ever After, #1) by Meredith Schorr
Another wonderful story. My thoughts will be posted soon. 

What I think I'll read next

One Day This Will All Make Sense by Karie Jansson Shahin

What's going on in your reading world this week?

Leave me a link or comment below and I'll check out your reading world. 

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Twin Piques by Tracie Banister

Twin Piques

Twin Piques by Tracie Banister
Kindle Edition, 383 pages
Published January 3rd 2015

Forensic accountant Sloane Tobin and kooky pet psychic Willa may have the same face, but that’s the only thing these identical twins have in common.

How she can read the hearts and minds of animals has always been a mystery to Willa, and her rotten luck with men is equally baffling. Although she’s been looking for “The One” for what feels like forever (A teenage marriage to a French mime and dating a guy named Spider seemed like good ideas at the time!), optimistic Willa refuses to give up on love. When she meets Brody, the handsome rose expert hired to save her grandmother’s garden, she’s instantly smitten, but why does he keep sending her mixed signals? Does he return her feelings, or is their attraction all in her fanciful head?

Unlike her twin, Sloane has zero interest in romance. Her passion is her job, where she uses her gift for numbers to take down slimy embezzlers and asset-hiding spouses. When she’s assigned two high profile cases, Sloane feels confident the promotion she’s been angling for is within her grasp. But will her plan to climb the corporate ladder be thwarted by difficult clients, her co-worker-with-benefits, or – most surprisingly of all – her own sister? And how’s she supposed to stay focused on the drama at work when her childhood friend, Gav, moves in next door and the spark between them becomes impossible to ignore?

To get what they both want, can Willa and Sloane band together and rely on each other’s strengths? Or will their differences drive them apart once and for all?

My thoughts about Twin Piques ~~

Don't you just love this cover? What a perfect cover for a chick-lit novel. It is so darling!

Twin Piques was such a fun story to read. The twin sisters, Willa and Sloane, are a different as night and day but they were wonderful to get to know. I would love to be their friend, there would never be a dull moment with those two.
'"So, the two of you are identical in appearance, but not in your approaches to life?" "Bingo," I confirm him deduction with a smile. "I'm the free-spirited twin. I don't plan things like my sister does. I just follow my heart."'
Willa is truly a romantic at heart and she has the ability to communicate with animals. She can actually hear their thoughts and they can read hers. What a hoot that would be! And when she gets nervous, she just starts talking and talking, rambling on about anything and everything. I love how her mind works, it just made me laugh when she'd get going on something. And she just wants to find that one guy who will be her true love.
'Pulling my phone out of my purse, I text Gav, "Will be late for lunch. helping super stressed dog mom find Lab who knocked up her poodle. Know any police sketch artists?"'
Sloane is the serious, professional one who takes her job very seriously and doesn't have time for love, just a quick lunch time redezvous every once in awhile. She doesn't trust men and is not looking for her one true love. Heck, she doesn't even believe in true love. She has some serious men issues, believe me.
'Men can always be counted on to let you down is a leasson I learned a long time ago.'
'Charming and adorable, two words that would never be used to describe me. Hard to believe Willa and I share the same DNA sometimes.'
I loved these two women and I found myself thinking about them when I wasn't reading the story. I couldn't wait to get back to their world.
'Go after what you want, using your wits, charm, and the element of surprise, and don't let anything stand in your way.'
And there is a reference to cherry pie too, in tribute to that show from the past, Twin Peaks. Remember that show? That was fun! Great job, Tracie! I loved Twin Piques!

About the author

Tracie Banister

An avid reader and writer, Tracie Banister has been scribbling stories since she was a child, most of them featuring feisty heroines with complicated love lives like her favorite fictional protagonist Scarlett O'Hara. Her work was first seen on the stage of her elementary school, where her 4th grade class performed an original holiday play that she penned. (Like all good divas-in-the-making, she also starred in and tried to direct the production.)

Tracie’s dreams of authorial success were put on the backburner when she reached adulthood and discovered that she needed a "real" job in order to pay her bills. Her career as personal assistant to a local entrepreneur lasted for 12 years. When it ended, she decided to follow her bliss and dedicate herself to writing full-time. Twin Piques is her third Chick Lit release. The pet psychic character in this novel was inspired by Tracie’s rascally rescue dogs. She’d love to know what goes on in their heads!

Connect with Tracie

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Book Spotlight and a Giveaway! The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch

I have sooooo many books! I have a ton of print books and probably even more e-books. The Book Spotlight feature that I typically post every Saturday is a way for me to clear my shelves and to share some of the books I have. There are a lot of different reasons that I might be letting some of my books go, the biggest one is that we recently moved and I discovered how many books I really do have. This feature is a way for my to cull my collection and to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.

The book that I am featuring this week is one that is on my TBR list. When we moved, I discovered that I had this on my Kindle so I am letting my paperback copy go. I really need to read this series!

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!

The Hangman's Daughter

The Hangman's Daughter by Oliver Pötzsch
Series: A Hangman's Daughter #1
Paperback, and e-book, 448 pages
Published December 7th 2010 by AmazonCrossing

Germany, 1660: When a dying boy is pulled from the river with a mark crudely tattooed on his shoulder, hangman Jakob Kuisl is called upon to investigate whether witchcraft is at play.

So begins The Hangman's Daughter -- the chillingly detailed, fast-paced historical thriller from German television screenwriter, Oliver Pötzsch -- a descendent of the Kuisls, a famous Bavarian executioner clan.

Book Trailer

About the author

Oliver Pötzsch

Oliver Pötzsch is a German writer and filmmaker. After high school he attended the German School of Journalism in Munich from 1992 to 1997. He then worked for Radio Bavaria. In addition to his professional activities in radio and television, Pötzsch researched his family history. He is a descendant of the Kuisle, from the 16th to the 19th Century a famous dynasty of executioners in Schongau.

Connect with Oliver

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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Kiss for Colt by Deanna Lynn Sletten

A Kiss for Colt

A Kiss for Colt by Deanna Lynn Sletten
Series: Kiss a Cowboy #2
Paperback and e-book, 320 pages
Published: December 9th, 2014

"Colt isn't going to know what hit him," Luke Brennan teased when Colt first met Carly. That was the understatement of the year.

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss…

Colt Brennan is a sweet, shy cowboy who has spent his life working the family ranch in Montana. He's never given a thought to doing anything different until the vivacious Carly Stevens comes along and steals his heart. Everyone warned him that Carly gets bored with her men easily, but Colt doesn't believe it's true. Once their relationship goes beyond a few stolen kisses, he's sure that Carly is the woman for him. On Carly's invitation, Colt leaves everything behind to move to Seattle and live with her. But sometimes a kiss is just a kiss, and although he wants much more with Carly, he finds her slowly pulling away, leaving him confused.

And then there's Beth. Colt feels an instant connection with Carly's roommate, Beth Owens, and is intrigued by her quiet kindness and inner strength. Beth is the one to bring a smile to his face and warm his heart when all his life plans goes awry. As time goes by, Colt finds himself caught between the woman he thinks he loves, and the woman he feels a deep connection to. Who will be the woman who steals Colt away with just one kiss?

My thoughts about A Kiss for Colt ~~

I loved the first book in this series, Kiss a Cowboy and was super excited to get my hands on A Kiss for Colt! Deanna writes such wonderful stories that are full of great characters who are just so easy to love. A Kiss for Colt took me back to the ranch where I was able to reconnect with these wonderful people again.

Carly travels back to the ranch to spend the holidays with the Brennan family and to attend her sister's wedding to the cowboy she fell in love with.
'You were the one who said, "Kiss a cowboy for me," last summer when I was staying here at the ranch after my car broke down. Well, I took your advice, and I haven't stopped kissing my cowboy ever since.'
Colt and Carly continue the flirtation that they started during Carly's previous visit. Things do heat up between them and Carly ends up inviting Colt to come to Seattle. Colt has to decide if Carly is the woman for him and if he can give up the only home he has ever known, the family ranch. We go through the struggle right along with Colt as he adjusts to his new life. What, and who, will really make him happy?

Deanna is one of my must read authors now and I have loved everything she has written. Her stories are just so easy to get lost in and like I said, the characters become friends. Her books go to the top of my TBR list when they come out! I know the stories are going to be so good!

The third book in this series is Kissing Carly. We get to find out if Carly finds herself a cowboy to kiss. Like I said, I love these characters and I can't wait to see how her life turns out. Kissing Carly will be out in the spring! Whoo hoo!


This is what it says in Deanna's bio at the end of the book. I love that she believes in all of this and writes her wonderful stories full of these things.
'She believes in fate, destiny, love at first sight, soul mates, second chances, magic, and happily ever after, and these are all reflected in her novels'

Kiss a Cowboy ~ book #1

About the author

Deanna Lynn Sletten

Deanna Lynn Sletten writes women's fiction and romance novels that dig deeply into the lives of the characters, giving the reader an in-depth look into their hearts and souls. She has also written one middle-grade novel that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime.

Deanna's romance novel, Memories, was a semifinalist in The Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2012. Her novel, Sara's Promise, was a semifinalist in The Kindle Book Review's Best Indie Books of 2013 and a finalist in the 2013 National Indie Excellence Book Awards.

Deanna is married and has two grown children. When not writing, she enjoys walking the wooded trails around her northern Minnesota home with her beautiful Australian Shepherd or relaxing in the boat on the lake in the summer.

Connect with Deanna

Website | Blog | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Reading World Wednesday January 21, 2015

Clicking on the book covers will take you to Goodreads for more information about the books listed below.

What I'm currently reading

How Do You Know? (Seeking Happily Ever After, #1) by Meredith Schorr 

Open Minds (Mindjack Trilogy #1) by Susan Kaye Quinn (audio book)

What I recently finish reading

Twin Piques by Traci Banister
What a fun read about 2 sisters who's personalities are worlds apart. My thoughts will be posted soon.

What I think I'll read next

Tortured Souls by Kimber LeighWheaton

What's going on in your reading world this week?

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Bollywood Style Giveaway!! January 19 - 23

Romance and Intrigue: 
Bollywood Style Giveaway

Something Bollywood Going On Here

Sonali Dev and Susan Kaye Quinn met in a most unusual place: Library Journal's Top 10 E-Romance List for 2014. Sonali's A Bollywood Affair and Susan's Third Daughter both made the list with their Bollywood-themed romances - something that was so cool, it cried out to be celebrated!

Scroll down to win some great Bollywood-themed prizes!

Contemporary and Steampunk Bollywood Romance

by Sonali Dev

Mili Rathod hasn’t seen her husband in twenty years—not since she was promised to him at the age of four. Yet marriage has allowed Mili a freedom rarely given to girls in her village. Her grandmother has even allowed her to leave India and study in America for eight months, all to make her the perfect modern wife. Which is exactly what Mili longs to be—if her husband would just come and claim her.

Bollywood’s favorite director, Samir Rathod, has come to Michigan to secure a divorce for his older brother. Persuading a naïve village girl to sign the papers should be easy for someone with Samir’s tabloid-famous charm. But Mili is neither a fool nor a gold-digger. Open-hearted yet complex, she’s trying to reconcile her independence with cherished traditions. And before he can stop himself, Samir is immersed in Mili’s life—cooking her dal and rotis, escorting her to her roommate’s elaborate Indian wedding, and wondering where his loyalties and happiness lie.

The Third Daughter of the Queen wants to her birthday to arrive so she'll be free to marry for love, but rumors of a new flying weapon may force her to accept a barbarian prince's proposal for a peace-brokering marriage. Desperate to marry the charming courtesan she loves, Aniri agrees to the prince's proposal as a subterfuge in order to spy on him, find the weapon, and hopefully avoid both war and an arranged marriage to a man she does not love.

Third Daughter is the first book in the Dharian Affairs Trilogy (Third Daughter, Second Daughter, First Daughter). This steampunk-goes-to-Bollywood (Bollypunk!) romance takes place in an east-indian-flavored alternate world filled with skyships, saber duels, and lots of royal intrigue. And, of course, kissing.

Romance and Intrigue: Bollywood Style

This short Q&A with Sonali and Susan talks about marrying for love and writing romance!

Q: Marrying for love is a modern, and in some ways Western, concept, but arranged marriages have a long and complicated history. How does your novel tackle the subject of arranged marriage?

Sue: Third Daughter is set in a fantasy world, but it’s a blend of cultures in the real one, including being an analog to India (both current day and some of the past). In the Dharian Affairs world, royal marriages have a history of being arranged for political purposes, but the general population of the countries marry for love. This leaves the titular Daughters with varying conflicts between marrying for duty and marrying for love – some embracing their arranged marriages, some fighting against it. The marriage dynamics of the three daughters in the trilogy (Third Daughter, Second Daughter, First Daughter) drive much of the story – along with political intrigue and skyships, of course!

Sonali: In India where I grew up arranged marriages are still very much a part of the fabric of the culture. Having said that, one of the most interesting and unique things about Indian society is how diverse it is within itself. While you still have communities and families who will give the marrying person absolutely no say in whom they marry there are those who don't believe their parents and families have any say when it comes to whom they choose to marry or live with, and then there is the rest of the sizable population who falls somewhere between those two belief systems. In A Bollywood Affair, Mili is from a tiny village from a very orthodox family and it is perfectly natural that her family would arrange her marriage. She would expect that. It wouldn't even strike a girl from her background that she could choose for herself. The age at which she was married isn't usual, though, but there is a reason why her grandmother gets her married that young. As for her being in love with her husband, again, the conditioning to be devoted to your husband is so ingrained in the culture that it would be strange if someone like Mili didn't love someone she believed was her husband. 

Q: Whether set in a fantasy world or the modern one, romance is romance! There are many romance tropes – star-crossed lovers, lovers thrown together by circumstance, enemies turned lovers – what kind(s) of romance tropes does your novel contain?

Sue: My books are really a blend of romance and adventure, although the first book is a classic “lovers thrown together by circumstance” as Aniri (the Third Daughter) goes undercover in accepting a marriage proposal from the barbarian prince in the north in order to spy on him and determine if his country truly has the rumored flying machine that would upend the political dynamics in both their countries.

Sonali: Although I didn't set out to write it that way, several readers have pointed out that A Bollywood Affair is a Worldly Rake and an Ingenue Virgin trope. And now that I think about it, there's truth to that. 

Q: Are you planning on writing more romances in this story-world? If so, tell us about it!

Sue: The Dharian Affairs trilogy is complete, but I’ve enjoyed writing in this east-Indian steampunk fantasy romance world so much, I’ve decided to do a follow-on trilogy from the point of view of a new character—a female tinker who has a grand invention that may change the world, but also is caught between the spy she might love and the spy she can’t resist. Those books likely won’t be written for a year or two, but I will cycle back to writing in this world in the future!

Sonali: The Bollywood Bride comes out next year and it's the story of a Bollywood star who comes home to Chicago after ten years to escape a scandal in Mumbai and comes face to face with the man she betrayed for stardom. And then there are two more stories I'm working on in the same series. Which isn't a series in terms of continuity or overlapping characters but because the stories are set in the same world and either the hero or the heroine work in Bollywood. 


Paperback of Third Daughter (The Dharian Affairs #1)
The Dharian Affairs Trilogy in Ebook
2 Paperback copies of A Bollywood Affair 
Handwoven Pashmina shawl from India
Sticker Henna Tattoos
Indian bangles (bracelets)

all physical prizes are US ONLY

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