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Release Day: The Weight of a Wing by Ioana Visan, a Facebook Party, and a Giveaway!

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The Weight of a Wing

The Weight of a Wing by Ioana Visan
Series: The Stolen Wings #1
Release Date: April 16, 2015
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Alise has achieved the impossible. After her wings were chopped off, the fairy survived and now finds herself in the human world, once again hunted like prey by the sadistic Gorem.

Locating him with her help means that the two Guardians of Balance, Rafe and Vale, will not only be able to turn him in and make him pay for maiming her, but make him accountable for the deaths of other fairies as well.

Gorem has plans of his own for the rogue fairy. With the help of a wizard, Fabian, and an army of monsters by his side, Gorem will stop at nothing to recapture Alise.

With already so much on the line, Alise not only has to keep herself safe from harm, but will also have to protect her new human friend, Cassie, in the process.

Who will win the battle of good versus evil? Is capturing Gorem worth risking what remains of Alise's life?

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About the Author

Ioana Visan.jpg

Award-winning writer Ioana Visan has always dreamed about reaching the stars, but since she can't, she writes about it.

After fighting the apocalypse aftermath in Human Instincts, she played with shapeshifters in Blue Moon CafĂ© Series: Where Shifters Meet for Drinks, she dealt with vampires in The Impaler Legacy series, and then she designed prosthetics in Broken People before tackling longer works like a fantasy trilogy and a science fiction series.

Aside from publishing short stories in various Romanian magazines and anthologies, she published a Romanian short story collection Efectul de nautil and the Romanian edition of Human Instincts.

She received the Encouragement Award from The European Science Fiction Society at Eurocon 2013.

Connect with Ioana


You're all invited to attend the book release party for The Weight of a Wing on April 16. We'll chat about books, magic, throw in some giveaways, and have a lot of fun. 

Join a wingless fairy in her quest for justice!

Click here to join the party! 

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Goodreads Reading Challenge

I love it when I get kudos from Goodreads. I love my reading life! 

Hi Susan (The Book Bag),
Congrats! We're a quarter of the way through the year, and you're ahead of schedule with your 2015 Reading Challenge!

You've read 37 of 100 books. (37% complete)

Pages Read
Avg. Pages Per Book
Average Rating
2015 Reading Challenge

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On Tour: About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk

About a Girl 

About a Girl by Lindsey Kelk 
Paperback and e-book, 416 pages
Publisher: Harper (April 14, 2015)

The summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk

Tess Brookes has always been a Girl with a Plan. But when the Plan goes belly up, she’s forced to reconsider.

After accidently answering her flatmate Vanessa’s phone, she decides that since being Tess isn’t going so well, she might try being Vanessa. With nothing left to lose, she accepts Vanessa’s photography assignment to Hawaii – she used to be an amateur snapper, how hard can it be? Right?

But Tess is soon in big trouble. And the gorgeous journalist on the shoot with her, who is making it very clear he’d like to get into her pants, is an egotistical monster. Far from home and in someone else’s shoes, Tess must decide whether to fight on through, or ‘fess up and run…

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My thoughts about About a Girl ~~

‘I never meant for things to get so out of hand. I’d lost my job. I’d lost the love of my life. My mum wasn’t talking to me. My best friend was epically pissed off. My flatmate probably had a hit out on me by now, and in twenty-four hours I would be homeless. But, you know, swings and roundabouts.’

These are the opening lines of About a Girl. How can you just not want to keep reading to find out how this poor girl is going to survive? And how on earth did she get herself into this mess?

Tess is a great character who is tired of her life and when an opportunity presents itself for her to shake things up in her life, why wouldn't she take advantage of that? The story is a great adventure as we see Tess trying to 'be' Vanessa and the predicaments she gets herself into. 

‘”I find the more you get to know about a person, the more disappointed you end up,” he replied. “Right now, I like you, you like me, we’re having a good time. A very good time. I say we leave it at that before someone finds out something they don’t want to know.”’

When Tess is faced with some serious life choices, she isn't really sure what she wants anymore. And I'm not sure which direction I would advise her to take either. Luckily, Lindsey has a sequel planned for Tess, What a Girl Wants. I can't wait to read it and to venture back into Tess's world. I really need to find out which choice she made.

About the author 

Lindsey Kelk is a writer and children's book editor. When she isn't writing, reading, listening to music, or watching more TV than is healthy, Lindsey likes to wear shoes, shop for shoes, and judge the shoes of others. Born in England, Lindsey loves living in New York but misses Sherbet Fountains, London, and drinking gin and elderflower cocktails with her friends. Not necessarily in that order.

Connect with Lindsey

Visit other stops on the tour ~ click here

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Cover Reveal: Sarai's Fortune by Abigail Owen and a Giveaway!

Sarai's Fortune
by Abigail Owen

Designed by: Debbie Taylor 

(The Wild Rose Press)

Sarai's Fortune by Abigail Owen
Release Date: May 13, 2015 
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Shadowcat Nation, #2

Zac Montclair’s first priority is to protect his people. With the escalating war between factions of shifters over land and resources, he has agreed to an alliance between his polar bears and the Shadowcat Nation of cougar shifters. But the treaty comes with a condition…he must accept one of their Seers into his Timik and put her under his personal protection.

Sarai Bouchard doesn’t need her supernatural gift to know that Kyle Carstairs’s obsession with controlling her ability will eventually result in her misery and demise. Her power is essential to her people’s survival, so when Kyle goes rogue, she’s sent to Zac Montclair to keep her safe. However, her visions reveal that while staying will lead to their becoming lovers, it also leads to his death. Leaving Zac will result in her own.

If Sarai can’t find a way to change the future, she will be forced to choose…save her lover or save herself.

Pre-order from Amazon

Watch the Trailer...

Award-winning paranormal and contemporary romance author, Abigail Owen was born in Greeley, Colorado, and raised in Austin, Texas. She now resides in Northern California with her husband and two adorable children who are the center of her universe.

Abigail grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. A fourth generation graduate of Texas A&M University, she attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

Connect with Abigail

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Book Blitz: Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth, an Excerpt and a Giveaway!


Bittersweet by Kimberly Loth 
Publication date: March 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Every Sunday Savannah Ray gets an email from her dead dad. She doesn’t know how the emails work and she doesn’t mind either as she’s not ready to let go. Now that her mom is fed up of her rebellious behavior, she has to go to the one place she swore she’d never set foot in after he died—Haunted Valley, the amusement park. Once there and bullied by co-workers & customers, she is distracted by the charming Dallas and falls hard for him.  But Savannah and Dallas both hold secrets that threaten their new relationship. Will Haunted Valley help her move on, or will it destroy her from the inside out?

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We met at Cracker Barrel, which was just mom indulging me. My favorite meal in the whole world was biscuits and gravy from Cracker Barrel. If I could I’d subsist on chocolate alone, but I tried that right after Dad died and nearly ended up in the hospital. 

“Grant just texted me that he already has a table. We’ll eat and then you two need to get on the road,” Mom said.

I recognized him immediately even though I’d only met him twice before, once at a family reunion and then again at the funeral. He had the same dark hair and eyes my dad had. Except skinnier. Grant gave my mom an awkward hug and shook Dave’s hand. They all smiled at each other. I sat down before he could touch me at all. 

He tugged at his collar and smiled at me. It wasn’t a real smile, it was the kind of smile you gave when you felt like you were supposed to smile but didn’t really want to.

“So, Savannah, how was your school year?”

“Oh, fine. I got suspended, barely passed my classes since I wasn’t allowed to take the finals, and got dumped by my boyfriend.”

This was a test. If he were like my dad, he’d say something funny to lighten the mood. Dad hated anything serious. 

Grant frowned and fidgeted with the menu. “I’m sorry to hear that. I hope this summer will be better 
for you.”

Fat chance of that. I rolled my eyes. He seemed so unsure of himself. Which was odd, because Dad was always the life of the party and completely in control of social situations. This aspect of him I didn’t inherit. Well, I did. I used to have it, but then he died and I threw it away.

They made small talk until the food arrived. Grant didn’t try addressing me again. Probably didn’t want me to tell him how horrible my life was. Just as the food arrived I hiccupped. Damn. My mother glared at me and Teddy giggled.

Hiccups are part of the family curse. Through my dad’s side, of course. We didn’t just hiccup. We made a loud and obnoxious noise that was more like a crow cawing. There was no way to get rid of them, I just had to wait them out. My mother always had new suggestions on how to stop them and they never worked. My hiccups were unbelievably embarrassing in class, but mostly they just reminded me that I’d inherited a curse that killed my great-grandfather during the Depression, my grandfather after Vietnam, and most recently my dad. There were other signs of the curse, but the first was always the hiccups. When I was little I thought the whole thing was about the hiccups, that my grandfathers died of hiccups. It wasn’t until a few years before my dad finally died from the wretched curse that he tried to convince me that hiccups had nothing to do with it. Sometimes, I still thought the hiccups were going to kill me.

“Damn curse,” I muttered.

Grant put his fork down. “Not you too.”

“Excuse me?” I asked.

“Your Dad was always going on about the curse. It doesn’t exist. He made it up as a party story to deflect attention off of his hiccups.”

“That doesn’t make it any less real. He’s dead, isn’t he?” I met his eyes. Those tiny almost-black eyes that were just like Dad’s. 

“From a disease, not a curse.” 

“Disease, curse, same thing.” 

He put his fork down and crossed his arms. “It is not the same thing, if your Dad had recognized it as a disease then he would not be dead.”

I opened my mouth to argue, but my mother cleared her throat. Grant and I looked at her and then turned our attention back to food.

The rest of dinner was tense and silent. Except for Teddy jabbering on about Thomas the Train. To try to distract myself I listened to him intently. Half way through dinner, Grant looked at me but spoke to my mother.

“Savannah will have orientation on Tuesday. She’ll have to spend tomorrow getting up to dress code.”

My head jerked up and I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. 

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked.

“Your nails can’t be black. You can paint them a light pink, but no black or bright colors. You’ll have to remove the ring in your eyebrow.” I dropped my fork. This would not do at all.

“What about brown, can I paint them brown?” I wanted to continue, to explain that my nails were not black at all, but a dark brown of the richest chocolate. The kind that comes from Argentina. They couldn’t be black, because I threw the black nail polish away after Candie betrayed me and I shaved all the hair off my head. Before I could finish, he shook his head and took a bite of his omelet. I glared at my mom. 

“You didn’t tell me they were going to make me change the way I look.”

She shrugged. “I didn’t know. But you’ll do it.”

“I can’t remove my eyebrow ring, it will close up.” My palms began to sweat. This was not the way I’d envisioned my summer. Pretending to be someone else. I was eighteen and they weren’t going to boss me around.

Grant scowled. 

“If you want a job you will,” he held my gaze, which was hard because it was like staring straight into my father’s eyes. 

“I don’t want a job anyway.” I shoved a biscuit in my mouth, emptying my plate, and waited for him to retort. He just looked at my mother and sighed. Perhaps he thought he was getting a docile little girl that would do whatever he wanted. The eyebrow ring would stay. I’d see to that.

In the end they decided I could put a clear stud in it. 

Win-win. Not.

About the author

Kimberly Loth can't decide where she wants to settle down. She's lived in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Utah, California, Oregon, and South Carolina. She finally decided to make the leap and leave the U.S. behind for a few years. Currently, she lives in Cairo, Egypt with her husband and two kids. 

She is a high school math teacher by day (please don't hold that against her) and YA author by night. She loves romantic movies, chocolate, roses, and crazy adventures. Kissed is her first novel.

Connect with Kimberly


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It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? April 13, 2015

Hello! Welcome to It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? This weekly meme, hosted by Book Journey, is where we share what we have read this past week and what our plans are for the upcoming week. It’s a great way to see what others are reading and to discover books to add to your own To Be Read list. You never know where that next great read may come from!

Click on the book image to read more on Goodreads. 

What I'm currently reading/listening to

About a Girl (Tess Brookes / a.k.a "A Girl" #1)
by Lindsey Kelk
My stop on it's blog tour will be Wednesday. 

The Dream Lover: A Novel of George Sand
by Elizabeth Berg
Had to put this one aside temporarily to focus on upcoming tour books.

Miramont's Ghost
by Elizabeth Hall (audio-book)
I think I am going to start walking and listening so I can get some more time with this story.

What I recently finish reading

The Godforsaken Daughter
by Christina McKenna
Very interesting book. My thoughts are here. And there's a giveaway for a copy of the book!

What I think I'll read next

Gone Girl
by Gillian Flynn
This is a re-read for me. It's my book club selection for this month. Have you read it or seen the movie? 

I love my reading world!
What's going on in your reading world this week?

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