Friday, January 7, 2011

Sizzling Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

Love, love love this series! I remember seeing the first one come thru the library where I worked back in 1994. It grabbed me then and I have recommended these books to everyone I can since then. They are hilarious and I find myself smiling (and laughing) the whole time I am reading one of Evanovich's books.

Stephanie Plum is a self-trained bounty hunter that bumbles thru her job. She sometimes even snags her bounty. There is always a car getting blown up or caught on fire and Stephanie is involved somehow. Luckily she has 2 hotties looking out for her, Morelli, cop and sometimes boyfriend and then there is Ranger, desirable and delicious.

Don't forget about Grandma Mazur, who make's it her mission to attend all of the neighborhood funeral viewings. And Lula, the former 'ho that loves to eat and is a big 'help' to Stephanie when she goes after her bounty. Gotta love all those wacky characters!


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