Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar

"A recurring nightmare holds Serry Miller in its grip and has for most of her life. In spite of her fear of the man who becomes a monster, she's in love with him. Not only does she have nightmares while she sleeps, she's living in one with an abusive, alcoholic husband. When, Serry's drunken husband hit's Quinton Worthington's car, she sees the face of the man from her nightmares on a stretcher entering the hospital. When he looks at her and calls her by her name, she is plummeted into a life that she has only dreamed about. Quinton Worthington has suffered for over a hundred years. That's when his evil father ripped Serenity, the love of Quinton's life, from him. At the same time, he changed Quinton into a monster. When Quinton sees Serry's face in the hospital, he believes that Serenity has come back, and he will do anything to be with her. There's only one thing that stands in their way of having the life they want: Quinton's father." ~~synopsis from Goodreads

I was asked by the author to review her book. I said yes for several reasons; I, once again, was drawn to the cover of a book (a weakness of mine, I know) and I love to try new books and new authors. Little did I know that it was a story about werewolves, a genre I try to avoid. If I had been more familiar with the genre, I probably would have picked up on that from the synopsis. But, nope, didn't happen. I forged ahead anyway. 

I will have to admit that this book did grab me from the start even though it was about werewolves. I felt connected to Serry and Quinton right away and wanted their relationship to work. At some points the interaction between the 2 characters was somewhat unbelievable, is anyone really that sappy in a relationship? But I found myself caring about them. I liked the connection they had with each other, call it reincarnation, soul mates or whatever. I think that would be something special to experience and not a lot of us do. 

On the down side to this great book, the author seems to have a love affair of commas and I found myself trying to edit some of the commas out as I was reading the book. The overuse of commas interrupted the flow of the book in my mind. When I was able to forget about the commas, I did find myself wrapped up in the story. 

I look forward to seeing what Ms. Spraycar publishes in the future. Even though werewolves are not my thing, I will be interested to see what other works this author produces. Who knows, maybe I have just opened up a new genre that I will need to explore.


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