Monday, September 5, 2011

The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

The Andreas sisters were raised on books – their family motto might as well be, ‘There’s no problem a library card can’t solve.’ Their father, a renowned, eccentric professor of Shakespearean studies, named them after three of the Bard’s most famous characters: Rose (Rosalind – As You Like It), Bean (Bianca – The Taming of the Shrew), and Cordy (Cordelia – King Lear), but they have inherited those characters’ failures along with their strengths.

Now the sisters have returned home to the small college town where they grew up – partly because their mother is ill, but mostly because their lives are falling apart and they don’t know where to go next. Rose, a staid mathematics professor, has the chance to break away from her quiet life and join her devoted fiance in England, if she could only summon up the courage to do more than she’s thought she could. Bean left home as soon as she could, running to the glamour of New York City, only to come back ashamed of the person she has become. And Cordy, who has been wandering the country for years, has been brought back to earth with a resounding thud, realizing it’s finally time for her to grow up.

The sisters never thought they would find the answers to their problems in each other, but over the course of one long summer, they find that everything they’ve been running from – each other, their histories, and their small hometown – might offer more than they ever expected. ~~synopsis from author's website

I loved, loved, loved this book! You have 3 quirky sisters from a quirky family that have to come together when their mom gets sick. But really, that is not the reason they all come home. They are each dealing with issues in their lives and home is the 'safe' place. Almost immediately they fall into the same roles that they had when they were growing up, even tho' they are all completely different in their other lives. 

There is a lot of wisdom in this story and it is wonderful to see the sisters 'figure it out' and see the paths they choose. This is a book that I read slowly so that I could savor it. I am looking forward to reading it again, it is that good! If you have sisters, you will be able to relate to the dynamics of the sisters in this book. Aren't we all a little weird  around our families?

(P.S. I am one of 3 sisters and the only one in our family that is not quirky)

This book has some great lines - check out my post for a couple of my favorites.

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  1. I won a copy from the author so will read this soon. Yes, we are weird around our families.



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