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Blog Tour: Whispers from the Heart by Heather Hummel

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Whispers: The heart's way of speaking...

Madison Ragnar is a high school English teacher determined to connect with her students, to finish the next running race with a respectable time, and to avoid ever falling in love again.

But life has other plans for Madison. A man named Michael shows himself in the most unexpected places, raising questions from her best friend, Olivia, and issues around Madison's last relationship.

In the classroom, the death of a student prompts her grieving ninth graders to depend on her for answers. They turn to journal writing as a form of understanding the weight of what's happened in the walls of their teenage existence.

When Madison meets Phil, who throws a wrench in her declaration to not fall in love, it seems that her escape through miles of running is the only real footing she has in life.

Will fate determine Madison's life? Or will she have a say in its outcome? 

My thoughts about Whispers from the Heart ~~

I loved this book! The author is a great writer and I loved the world that she put me in. Madison is a high school English teacher and I so wish I could be in her class. She is an awesome teacher and just a really nice person! Her students really admire and respect her. 

Madison leaves a not-very-nice situation and as a reader, I was always on the edge of my comfy couch worrying when that bad element was going to show up in her life. The author did a great job with that suspense.

Madison has to go through some tough times but I was rooting for her all the way - I just wanted her to be happy in her life. I really cared about her - another kudo to the author's writing. 

Whispers from the Heart is a great book and I highly recommend it! I am also very excited to see that Heather Hummel has written another story in this series and I will be reading that one very soon. She is an author I will be watching, to see what she writes in the future!

Tune in tomorrow for a guest post from Heather ~ it's a great one!   

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Heather Hummel is the author of the Journals from the Heart Series. She is an award winning author and celebrity ghostwriter. 

Her published works include:

Journals from the Heart Series:
Whispers from the Heart (2011 eBook)
Write from the Heart (2011 eBook)

GO BIKE & Other Signs from the Universe (2011 eBook)

Gracefully: Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age (McGraw Hill, 2008), - Merit Award of the 2009 Mature Media Awards,

Heather's books have appeared in newspapers such as: Publishers Weekly, USA Today and the Washington Post; and in magazines that include: Body & Soul, First, and Spry Living, a combined circulation of nearly 15 million.

Visit Heather’s website at  
Follow Heather on Twitter: @HeatherHummel
"Like" Heather's Fan Page

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  1. Glad you loved the book! I know I can't wait to read #2! :)


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