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Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman

Christmas Carol by Michele Gorman
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Publisher: Notting Hill Press

One winter wedding, two happy couples, three ex-boyfriends... And a very uncomfortable weekend.

Carol hates Christmas. Being recently dumped, she’s not crazy about weddings either. So her sister Marley’s nuptials, over the Christmas weekend, are making her positively Scrooge-like.

When she arrives for the weekend at the stately home in rural Scotland to find her three ex-boyfriends in attendance, Carol has no choice but to face her ghosts to discover what really happened in those relationships, learning a lot about herself in the process. As the snow falls outside and the fire crackles in the hearth, might one of the wedding guests become the harbinger of Christmases to come?

My thoughts about Christmas Carol ~~

I previously read Little Sacrifices by Michele Gorman and I love her writing. And I love Christmas stories so I jumped at the chance to read this author's spin on the original Christmas Carol. I loved reading along, finding parallels to that story, but spun in the wonderful way that Michele has of telling stories.

'The difficult thing about Christmas is that is doesn't come all at once. It builds up like a festive toxin until the immune system is overwhelmed.'

Carol is the Scrooge of the story and has to deal with three of her exes at her sister's wedding. Being around them makes her take a look at herself and she doesn't always like what she sees. When they all get snowed in for a few days, she has time to think about her life and the way she has treated those around her.

'Father Christmas gave him his skateboard when we were eight and he tumbled off that things more often than Lindsay Lohan has fallen off the wagon.'

Christmas Carol is the best of two worlds ~ chick-lit, which is always a fun read, and Christmas. I love a good Christmas story and when Michele's the author, you know it is going to be good!

'You don't have to be perfect to be loved. That's not what love is about. You just have to be perfect for each other.'

Is it too early to say 'Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!" Oh wait! Wrong story. Oh well, you get my drift. Happy reading everyone!

About the author

Michele Gorman was born and raised in the US, but lost her heart to London nearly 15 years ago and is now a card-carrying Brit. Michele writes both chick lit (Single in the City, Misfortune Cookie, The Twelve Days to Christmas). She also writes upmarket commercial fiction under the pen name Jamie Scott.

Since procrastination is an essential element in writing, Michele spends way too much time on twitter and Facebook and would be thrilled for readers to join her there. So follow @expatdiaries on twitter, send a friend request on or visit her website or blog (

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