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Fumbulgrumbul by Jason Sandberg


Fumbulgrumbul by Jason Sandberg
ebook, 25 pages
Published June 21st 2014 by Jason Sandberg eBooks

Meet Mister Fumbulgrumbul. You'll see him when he fumbles, you'll hear him when he grumbles. When a poodle comes after his cookies, you know that hilarity will ensue. This richly illustrated rhyming picture book will be enjoyed over and over, by parent and child alike! 

"This book is anchored by the rhyming comedic tale of a man attempting to keep some cookies away from a poodle. The supplementary challenge I set for myself was to work subplots into a Picture Book without making the narrative confusing for a Preschool audience. I did this by parading whimsical and fantastic supporting characters through the backgrounds of the pages. These charming sight gags should add a secondary level of enjoyment to the reading experience." - Jason Sandberg

My thoughts about Fumbulgrumbul ~~ 

Fumbulgrumbul was so enjoyable to read and to look at. Not only is there the cute story about Mister Fumbulgrumbul and his precious cookies but there are the awesone illustrations. I love it when illustrators add extra 'stuff' to their pages to entertain the reader right along with the words on the page. And Jason does both in his books!

A book really captures my heart when I can spend extra time on a page looking to see what else is there for me to find. I loved all the images that floated by the main scene on each page, images which were not even part of the story but added so much to my enjoyment of the book. And the reflections in the water? Superb!! Because of that depth of detail on each page, this book can be enjoyed by all.  

Thanks, Jason, for another fabulous, fun, and beautiful story!

About the author 

“I’m a Fine Artist who also wants to produce the ‘missing books’ from my childhood, the books I wished I’d had.”

Jason Sandberg, born in Minneapolis in 1971, acquired a love of drawing after discovering the artwork of Jacob Kurtzberg. His paintings have been exhibited in Minneapolis and Manhattan. Art Historian Scott McCloud classified his work as “uncategorizable.”

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