Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Hanging Of Cousin Charlotte by Talia Haven

The Hanging of Cousin Charlotte

The Hanging of Cousin Charlotte by Talia Haven
Illustrated by Sylvia Sheehan
Kindle Edition, 14 pages
Published October 20th 2015 by Sheehan and Haven

Justine seeks to solve a mystery. Why doesn't Charlotte like sleeping in her own room?

My thoughts about The Hanging of Cousin Charlotte ~~

This newest book by Talia Haven is another quick read that leaves the reader in awe of the impact so few words can have while telling a compelling story. I was left pondering the meaning and had a 'what just happened?' kind of reaction. I found myself sitting for bit when I finished the book, just thinking about what I read and absorbing it all.   

Charlotte doesn't like sleeping in her room, but only on one particular night each month. 

'Why was she having these dreams and why only one night a month?'

Is she having nightmares? Or is this all real and something she really should be afraid of? 

'"Please...not again." She scotted sideways along the wall in what looked like an attempt to move away from an unseen advancing person. "You're just a dream."'

The following excerpt caught my attention and made me wonder how this story was going to end. Think about it a bit and you may see what I mean. 

'They file out in the hall and up the stairs. The landing creaks in protest from a dozen feet pressing against it. I'm the last one up. No one notices that the landing doesn't make a sound.'

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