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Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox ~ My Thoughts


Out of Practice

Out of Practice by Phoebe Fox
Series: Breakup Doctor #4
Print and e-book, 274 pages
Published: October 18, 2016 by Henery Press

When your relationship is on life support, the Breakup Doctor is on call.

There’s no shortage of broken hearts in Breakup Doctor Brook Ogden’s successful breakup counseling practice—if love is a battlefield, then Brook is the cavalry. Luckily her own love life is in full recovery: after a long, tortuous road, she and Ben Garrett are finally headed down the aisle.

But when a local TV personality—and former frenemy—invites Brook onto her show, she’s blindsided live on the air when the interview turns into an act of long-delayed revenge meant to publicly humiliate her. Brook’s an expert at getting back on your feet when life knocks you down, but as the blows keep piling on—with a betrayal she never saw coming and a family crisis that threatens to pull the foundation out from under her—her confidence starts slinking away. With her clients dropping her faster than a one-night stand, suddenly the Breakup Doctor’s career is in critical care.

Brimming with both the sublime and ridiculous aspects of love—romantic and otherwise—Out of Practice is a funny and heartwarming tale about loss, grief, and failure that will resonate with all who have loved, lost…and dared to love again.

My thoughts about Out of Practice ~~ 

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first line.)

First line"For god's sake, Ashleywe can't have side boob on daytime TV."

Out of Practice is book #4 in The Breakup Doctor series. I had no idea when I started with book #1 that I would come to think of Brook as a friend. I have loved being in her life, watching her grow and change in her professional life, as well as in her personal life, just like a real friend would do.

Brook, as The Breakup Doctor, counsels people who seek her out for guidance as they work through messy relationships. She imparts wonderful words of wisdom to all of the people she works with as they struggle trying to make sense of their lives. But even with all her wisdom and compassion, she is not perfect and her life isn't perfect either. Sometimes she has to take a step or two back, evaluate her own life, and make some changes herself.

As Brook struggles and goes through an emotional time trying to figure out what is right for her, I got caught up in the emotions as well. Some parts of what Brook goes through were so very touching that they grabbed my heart. Let the tears begin, such emotions! But throughout the entire series, Phoebe inserts her wonderful sense of humor, which makes the story so enjoyable and fun. So along with the deep emotions, there were plenty of laughs.

Out of Practice is the final book in this series and while it ended on a very satisfying note, I am sad that Brook, her family, and her friends will continue on with their lives without me. It was a great finish but I am sorry to see it all end.

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  1. Wow this sounds like a great series! I'm sold!
    I have never heard of it or the author. Thanks for the info!
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