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Blog Tour: The Judas Tree by Susan Bacoyanis #TheJudasTree

The Judas Tree Blog Tour starts today! 
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The Judas Tree

Mary Webster’s reaction to her lover’s betrayal is off the chart…

Mary seems like an ordinary 46-year-old divorcee, beginning a new life in rural England, but she has depths of pent-up pain, the result of 20 years of marital infidelities and abuse. All she needs is a trigger to unleash savage emotions.

When she becomes entangled with Jonas, a married man, Mary suddenly finds herself in the opposite role of the ‘other woman’. Jonas has a nasty streak, however, and taunts with the nursery rhyme ‘Mary, Mary quite contrary…’ .

But when Mary uncovers Jonas’s web of seductive lies, betraying not only herself but his wife and several young village women, she plots her revenge and acts out the real meaning of the nursery rhyme…

As things go from bad to worse, Mary is driven over the edge of normality. Because Mary is not normal ... she is damaged. Her only redeeming quality is her belief that she is acting for the greater good …

Susan Bacoyanis’s intriguing psychological thriller The Judas Tree is a chilling tale of multiple acts of betrayal and the consequences of greed. It has deep echoes of Penelope Mortimer’s angry woman classic of the Sixties, The Pumpkin Eater.

Praise for Susan Bacoyanis… 

‘There are twists and turns and surprises throughout the series which are sometimes wickedly humorous’ – Meandering Joy

‘A chilling psychological thriller’ – Tom Kasey, bestselling author of Trade Off


Susan Bacoyanis was born and educated in rural England. As an only child she spent many hours alone, developing a vivid imagination that has served her, first as an actor, and now as a writer. In 2002, Susan moved half way around the world to live and work in California, attending the New York Film Academy and working as a screen actor in Hollywood. She joined the Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions writing team in Los Angeles, helping establish and promote the Cinema City International Film Festival, which is dedicated to promoting new writers and film makers.

She has also raised three daughters as a single mother. Her first novel, There Are No Accidents, was published in 2014, and further books in the Linked Series are planned.

Susan Bacoyanis

Endeavour Media


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