Friday, July 9, 2010

SD Library Challenge / Lesson 1

World Book Online - Encyclopedia and More

1. I searched for skunk in the World Book Kids Edition. Don't ask me why that mammal popped into my head. But they really are quite cute, don't you think? Too bad they are so smelly!

'Many skunks live underground. They are active at night and sleep during the day.' -- from World Book Kids

2. Then I searched for skunk in World Book Student Edition and really was amazed at how much more information was available and how it is written at a more advanced reading/comprehension level.

'Many skunks live in underground dens that they line with dry leaves. The spotted skunk, unlike the striped and hog-nosed species, can climb, and it sometimes lives in hollow trees. Skunks are active at night and sleep during the day.' -- from World Book Student

3. Using World Book Advanced, I searched the country of France.

On the left side of the page are the different sources available which is useful when a student has to have multiple sources for their project. They are all listed there and very easy to access. And the right hand column has Primary Sources listed, which are sometimes challenging to find. After clicking on the link for the country, the right and left columns change and allow for easy access to the specific information that the student would be looking for.

4. World Book Discover allows the patron to browse for a topic, i.e. American Government without really knowing specifically what they are looking for. By clicking on the links that come up, they are led on a path to the information that they are searching for. This type of searching is helpful for readers that are not that good in English because the 'suggestions' are there for them and they don't need to struggle with coming up with the correct search terms.

-- This was a good exercise for me since I had not really used the World Book Online. I love the paper editions of this title but I never gave the online a look-see. Very good source and one I will remember to point out to our students in the future.

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  1. Hi, Susan, and welcome to the State Library Electronic Resources Challenge! Thanks for your comments on World Book. Please note that all World Book modules have read-aloud, translations, and double-click dictionary. Each module has some great special features, too. I'm glad you noticed the primary documents in Advanced. Lots of teachers and students are excited about using them.


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