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On Tour and a Couple of Giveaways: Someone Else's Fairytale by E. M. Tippetts

Jason Vanderholt, Hollywood's hottest actor, falls head over heels for everygirl, Chloe Winters, who hasn't gotten around to watching most of his movies. She becomes the woman every other woman in America is dying to be, but it just isn't her fairytale. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts about Someone Else's Fairytale ~~

Seems like more and more, there are a lot of books out there about fairy-tales. I loved reading all kinds of books as a child, especially fairy-tales. I am still a sucker for a remake say, you know, when Disney re-releases all those old fairy-tale movies. I'm always looking for a young child to take to the theater as my excuse for watching the movie all over again. And I am loving all the remakes now in the book world too. What fun! So, of course I had to read this book when I saw it was going on tour. Why not read about 'someone else's' fairy-tale?

The story starts out with Chloe and her good friends Matthew and Lori going down to campus to be extras in a movie featuring Jason, who is a superstar. Chloe isn't really star struck like her friends are and she isn't quite sure why Jason pays so much attention to her.

Chloe suffered through a very traumatic time when she was young and that really helped her mature and take life seriously ~ she pretty much had to become self-sufficient. So when Jason tries to buy and do things for her, she is suspicious about his motives. She has her two good friends to help her through the good times, and the bad times, that she goes through with Jason. And Chloe helps Jason figure out what is important in life. Maybe being a superstar isn't the best thing, after all.

I really liked the relationship between Chloe and Matthew, they both seemed very grounded and sensible. And they truly do care for each other. I also liked the relationship that formed between Chloe and Jason's niece, Kyra. It was refreshing to see a young person learn to like, respect, and admire someone she hardly knew, but who was able to help her change her life around. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the book, to see that friendship grow.

Probably one of the greatest lines in the whole book is this one ~~
'That part of me I'd thought was broken past repair, wasn't so broken after all. I hadn't forgotten how to dream, I'd just stopped paying attention.'
That's it folks, we can't stop paying attention!

So.... a lot of great characters and relationships in this story. And is Chloe going to be happy with her life, or just see it as 'someone else's fairytale'?

I was not familiar with this author before the tour and I found out she has 5 novels out. Whoo-ee ~ I've got some catching up to do! I am excited to also be a part of her blog tour for the sequel to Someone Else's Fairytale, which will be in April and May. That book is titled Nobody's Damsel. It will be interesting to see where Emily takes these characters.

About the author

E.M. Tippetts grew up in New Mexico and now lives in London, where she raises two boisterous toddlers, designs jewelry, and writes novels. A former attorney, she used to specialize in real estate and estate planning, specifically literary estate planning. She currently has five novels out, Time & Eternity, Paint Me True, Someone Else's Fairytale, Castles on the Sand, and Nobody's Damsel (Fairytale 2).

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  1. Great review Susan, love that line!

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  3. I loved the review. This sounds like a good read. Thanks for this chance.


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