Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HEIST by Laura Pauling

Can one decision change the past?

Jack Brodie has a sixth sense that someone has been watching him. Following him.

One night he travels back in time to one of the world’s largest art thefts, known as the Gardner Heist. Why that one moment in time? And what does it mean for Jack?

When he returns, his world is different. His best friend is rougher, meaner. His dad hasn't been around in years. And then there’s Jetta. The girl who took over his heart the moment she stepped into his life. No one is safe.

Each time Jack goes back to the heist to fix his mistakes, he returns to face the fallout. Disaster strikes in the present until Jack must make a choice. His family and his own happiness. Or the girl he loves. Except, he learns that his sixth sense was right.

Someone has been watching him and wants him dead. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

Genre: YA
Release date: August 15, 2013

My thoughts about HEIST ~~

What an amazing ride this book was! I have to admit that the story started out confusing for me. But that just made me want to continue reading. I knew it would all make sense eventually, that's the way it is with time travel. I love the idea of time travel and the opportunity of going back in time to make a different decision in your life and having the opportunity of seeing how things change, for the good or the bad.

That's what happens to Jack. He doesn't understand at first that he is time traveling, things are just different. In trying to make his own life come out differently, he totally changes the lives of those around him. Should one really try to change the past?

I love this part. Words to live by?
'I know truth. No one is perfect. No life is perfect. Someone has it worse. Someone has it better. Take each day and enjoy.'
I thoroughly enjoyed HEIST and love the way the author wrote about the mystery of the Garner heist and wove art history into her story. Laura is a wonderful writer and I am excited to read more of her stories.

About the author

Laura Pauling writes about spies, murder and mystery for the young at heart. She lives the cover of suburban mom/author perfectly, from the minivan to the home-baked snickerdoodles, while hiding her secret missions and covert operations. But shh. Don't tell anyone.

And her kids wonder what she does all day while they're at school; or why on Monday mornings she's a bit grumpy. Living the life of a secret agent isn't easy, but someone has to do it.

This may or may not be what she really looks like. And she may or may not actually bake cookies.

You decide.

A Spy Like Me, her YA debut novel, and the sequel, Heart of an Assassin are now available. The Almost Assassin, the prequel to A Spy Like Me is a short story also found in the In His Eyes Anthology but now available separately.

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