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Book Spotlight Giveaway! The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares

I have sooooo many books! I have a ton of print books and probably even more e-books. The Book Spotlight feature that I post every Saturday is a way for me to clear my shelves and to share some of the books I have. There are a lot of different reasons that I might be letting some of my books go, the biggest one is that when we moved I discovered how many books I really do have. This feature is a way for my to cull my collection and to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.

The book that I am featuring this week is one that I have had for awhile and I am just not getting to it. Someday, sigh..... In the meantime, I want someone else to enjoy it. So many books, so little time.    

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

The Second Summer of the Sisterhood by Ann Brashares
Series: Sisterhood #2
Paperback, 425 pages
Published May 23rd 2006 by Dell Publishing Company

With a bit of last summer's sand in the pockets, the Traveling Pants and the Sisterhood that wears them embark on their 16th summer. 

"Bridget: " Impulsively sets off for Alabama, wanting to both confront her demons about her family and avoid them all at once. 

"Lena: "Spends a blissful week with Kostos, making the unexplainable silence that follows his visit even more painful. 

"Carmen: " Is concerned that her mother is making a fool of herself over a man. When she discovers that her mother borrowed the Pants to wear on a date, she's certain of it. 

"Tibby: " Not about to spend another summer working at Wallman's, she takes a film course only to find it's what happens off-camera that teaches her the most. 

About the author

Ann Brashares grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with three brothers and attended a Quaker school in the D.C. area called Sidwell Friends. She studied Philosophy at Barnard College, part of Columbia University in New York City. Expecting to continue studying philosophy in graduate school, Ann took a year off after college to work as an editor, hoping to save money for school. Loving her job, she never went to graduate school, and instead, remained in New York City and worked as an editor for many years.

Ann made the transition from editor to full-time writer with her first novel, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Ann and her husband live with their three children in New York.

Connect with Ann

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  1. This summer we are planning to visit family in California.

  2. I'm planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, NV and will also spend a lot of time with my wonderful grandkids.

  3. We will go the NASCAR race in Darlington, SC.

  4. I'm planning to spend two months in Europe backpacking with my friends! I'm so excited! ;)

    Carolina M on rafflecopter

  5. We are planning several trips to Chicago to visit all the museums and parks .

  6. My plans include the pool, reading and reviewing books, spending time with my three teenagers, and enjoying the summer weather. I hope you have a great summer! xoxo

  7. I plan to have a great time with my kids!

  8. Planning some time at the cabin.
    Thanks for the giveaway.


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