Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Release Day! Valentine Pets & Kisses and $.99 Sale

Happy Release Day!!

Valentine Pets & Kisses

Candy and canines. Flowers and felines.

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with your sweethearts
of the human and fuzzy varieties!

Nothing is more heart-warming than kisses from the pet who adores you and the man who loves you, so snuggle up with Valentine Pets & Kisses -- an anthology of fourteen sweet romances from USA Today bestselling and award-winning authors -- and strike the perfect mood for moonlit walks and candlelight dinners with your pet and sweetheart.

I was able to get 4 of the stories from this boxed set read. My thoughts are below. If these 4 stories are any indication of what the rest of the set is like, I can't imagine a better way to spend your 99 pennies!

Surviving San Francisco
Susan Oloier

A small town girl survives San Francisco after she hits a cat and falls for a handsome veterinarian.

I read one of Susan's books in the past and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the way she writes and I felt comfortable with this story right from the start. This one has great characters and a wonderful storyline that captivated me. I really need to read more of her books!

Lost and Found
Jeanne Bannon

Stuck with her ex’s puppy, a young teacher meets a new man after a series of unfortunate events.

This is a great story of a woman finding herself and discovering who and what really makes her happy. I loved watching her relationship with the dog change as she spent time with the animal she didn't even want.

19 Ivy Lane
Aubrey Wynne

A mysterious woman and her cat befriend a postman and set tongues wagging on Ivy Lane. But when he delivers a long-awaited letter, will his heart be “returned to sender?”

I loved the idea of this postman dreaming of owning this house on Ivy Lane and waiting for it to go up for sale. When a strange woman moves in, he never gives up on his dream. But maybe it all just has to be a dream and nothing more.

Three Plus Three
Cindy Flores Martinez

A grieving widow and her beloved doggie meet a handsome widower the day before Valentine’s Day.

Two sad, lonely souls meet each other on the beach, each remembering their past and the loved ones they have lost. These are two people who need each other. Can they move on from their past and find comfort in each other or is it too soon? I loved the gentleness they had for each other as they try to move on with their lives.

Valentine Hound Dog
Rachelle Ayala

A fashion designer and her basset hound puppy convince a burned ex-firefighter that beauty is never skin deep and neither is love.

The Crazy Girl’s Handbook
DelSheree Gladden

Watching her nephews was supposed to be a fun and relaxing weekend for Greenly, not a never ending disaster all witnessed by the best blind date she ever stood up.

The Vet's Valentine Gift
J.L. Campbell

A veterinarian is caught between his job, an ex, a menagerie and love. Can a little Cupid fix things by Valentine’s Day?

Her Perfect Catch
K.L. Brady

Years of faithful dog-sitting pays sweet dividends when a struggling sports writer scores tickets to the Super Bowl and encounters her favorite football player.

Jade Kerrion

A firefighter running from his past convinces a hard-luck single mother to believe in happy endings.

Remember When
Hope Welsh

Laura and Brent really tried to make their marriage work, but in the end, it just wasn't meant to be--or was it?

Your Biggest Fan?
Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Snowed in with the man of her dreams, a football fan and her dog find love.

The Feline Fix
Caroline Bell Foster

A scientist questions her cat’s loyalty when it comes to love and a hunky policeman.

Trembling Hearts
Suzette Riddick

A daring young woman crashes into the life of a disfigured recluse and his pooch. Can love be far behind?

Valentino, Be Mine
Tina D.C. Hayes

Sparks fly when two people who can't stand each other wind up dog-sitting a rambunctious little Yorkie that needs a new home.

Don't delay.
Download your copy today for only $.99!

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    1. You are so welcome, Susan! Best of luck with this release.


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