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On Tour: Where Do Dreams Come From? by Kim Delgado ~ My Thoughts

Where Do Dreams Come From?

Where Do Dreams Come From? by Kim Delgado
Hardcover, 44 pages
Published September 2014 by KD Novelties
Genre: Personalized Children’s Picture Book

A magical story that will satisfy even the most curious child and expand their imagination about Dream Land, the place where dreams are made. After all, what child wouldn’t love to know "Where Do Dreams Come From?”

In this magical adventure, your child’s imagination takes them on a visit to Dream Land where they see how dreams are made. They learn about the "Dream Machine" and the fairies that work very hard to make sure that happy dreams are delivered to children around the world. This is the perfect bedtime story to expand your child’s imagination, encourage reading and instill pleasant dreams!

Voted Mom’s Choice Book of the Year Award and featured at the Book Expo NYC at the Jacob Javits Center.



My thoughts about Where Do Dreams Come From? ~~

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"It was a beautiful sunny morning in Brookings, South Dakota. Oliver Schleicher, woke up with a big smile on his face because he had such a wonderful dream."

This is just the perfect children's book. I was first drawn to the vibrant colors on the cover. And dreams and dreaming have always seemed a bit magical to me so this title fascinated me as much as the cover did.

Where Do Dreams Come From? is a personalized picture book. I read it to my 2½ year old grandson for the first time recently and he was enthralled from the very beginning. He was so excited to hear his name read and loved hearing that Mommy, Daddy, and other loved ones in his life were a part of the story as well.

The adventure of learning all about Dream Land and the Dream Fairies kept his attention as much as the bright, colorful illustrations did. This is a book that will always hold a special place in his heart as well as mine. Each time he comes to Nama's house, we will get out Oliver's Dream book and read it again and again.

I received copy of this book for the tour and am voluntarily reviewing it.

Book Excerpt

It was a beautiful sunny morning in (child’s hometown). (Child’s name) woke up with a big smile on his/her face because he/she had such a wonderful dream. (Child’s Name) had a dream about playing their favorite game, with (friends/relative).

As (child’s name) got ready to begin their day, he/she thought, hmm… I wonder where dreams come from? He/She tried to think of the answer, long and hard, but could not think of where dreams came from. Then (child’s name) got excited – he/she was sure (parents or loved one) would know the answer. (Child’s name) couldn’t wait to see (parents or loved one) so she could ask.

About the author

Kim Delgado is owner of KD Novelties an independent publisher of personalized children's books. She has written several award winning children's books and has gotten featured in several publications.

When she is not busy writing books or running her publishing company, you can find her tutoring children who struggle with reading in her local school district. She is also a board member and serves in her local soup kitchen feeding the homeless and families in need.

Connect with Kim

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