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On Tour, Voices, and a Giveaway! Home World by Bonnie Milani

Home World by Bonnie Milani
Paperback: 400 Pages
Publisher: Promontory Press
Twitter hashtag: #HWorld
Home World is available as a print and e- book at Amazon

Home World is a fast paced well written story about the power and the price of love. This story takes place amid the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Waikiki. Jezekiah Van Buren thinks he has found a way to restore Earth – Home World, to the other worlds of the human commonwealth. His goal is to restore his home to her lost glory.

Ingenious even by the standards of the genetically enhanced Great Family Van Buren, Jezekiah has achieved the impossible:  he has arranged a treaty that will convert Earth's ancient enemies, the Lupans, to her most powerful allies.  Not only will the treaty terms make  Earth rich again, it will let him escape the Ring that condemns him to be Earth's next ruler.  Best of all, the treaty leaves him free to marry Keiko Yakamoto, the Samurai-trained woman he loves.  Everything’s set.  All Jezekiah has to do is convince his xenophobic sister to accept the Lupan's alpha warlord in marriage.

Before, that is, the assassin she's put on his tail succeeds in killing him.  Or the interstellar crime ring called Ho Tong succeed in raising  another rebellion.  Or before his ruling relatives on competing worlds manage to execute him for treason.  But Jezekiah was bred for politics and trained to rule.  He’s got it all under control. Until his Lupan warlord-partner reaches Earth.  And suddenly these two most powerful men find themselves in love with the same woman.   A woman who just may be the most deadly assassin of them all.


Hi Bonnie ~ Welcome to The Book Bag! I have heard other authors say that they 'hear voices in their head' and that is how they write their books: the characters are telling their stories. Not being a writer myself, that concept has always intrigued me. 

When some people hear voices, we get them medical attention, others end up becoming writers. Does this happen to you? How do you come up with your stories?

Oh, darlin' - I most definitely hear my characters' voices, and not just when I'm physically writing, either. Especially when I'm in the early stages of a story, and still getting to know my people. I don't try to shape the characters, or put words in their mouths. At that stage, I need to let them find their own voices. I have a good idea at that point as to what a given character's plot function will be (though they have a bad habit of refusing to accept it) but I can't tell who that person is until they talk to me. Only when I hear the voice can I tell where they're from, what kind of socioeconomic stratum they're from, etc. Once they start talking, I can throw incidents and ideas at them and see how they respond. Eventually, between the odd-hours brainstorming and the actual plot line, the characters gel and start making the story their own. 
So during that early period I leave my mind on open. I want to see whether anything in the real world triggers a reaction from anybody in the fictional world I'm creating. It's amazing how many times it does. Only it can be down right embarrassing, too, because I've got some seriously snarky characters, and they're not at all above a running commentary on real life folk. So many's the time I've sat through a business meeting on something like up-coming insurance rate increases with a grin to rival Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Just try explaining that one!   
I have a perfect example, though, of how the voices in my head work. In developing a story as complex as Home World I just could not for the life of me come up with a name for my heroine. I'd learned quite a bit about her: she's short (yea! us short girls gotta stick together!), a Samurai-trained native Hawaiian, fiery tempered, and with a heart as big as the sea. She just didn't have a name. Worse, she didn't much care for any of my suggestions. I can always tell, because when I'm off base with an element of a character, they just shut up and refuse to cooperate at all. She needed a good strong name, only NOTHING worked. I'd worked through Hawaiian names, made-up names, and was finally working through Japanese names. I tried Reiko - no go. In desperation I even tried Seiko - totally forgot it's a watch brand. And then I tried Keiko. All of a sudden villainous old Grandfather Ho (a key character who's also native Hawaiian) started punning on Keiko & keiki, the Hawaiian word for child or children. That did it. She's Keiko Yakamoto.  
About the author

Bonnie vividly recalls the book that helped her decide she could out-write another writer: it was a junior reader's biography of Sir William Harvey, the 17th century English physician credited (in the West) with discovering how blood circulates. After about 30 pages of telling herself "I can write better than that!" she grabbed a crayon that just happened to be blue and started editing. She was all of seven years old at the time. Unfortunately for her juvenile bottom it was a library book. She followed the dream through college and after grad school, freelancing feature articles for newspapers along the East Coast. Milani even wrote a cover story for Science Digest!

Alas life and grown up responsibilities caught up with her and by her late twenties she put writing away with so many other dreams while she followed a ‘career track’. After losing her entire family, she realized story telling just a want but a need and a gift God gave her. So here she is, a self-declared “middle-aged pudge” working on getting back into a writer’s kind of real life!

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    Hugs to you all,
    Bonnie Milani

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