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Haunted by Susan Oloier

Haunted by Susan Oloier
Published December 15th 2013
Kindle Edition, 312 pages

Seventeen-year-old Hailey Steele killed her boyfriend in a car wreck, which fills her with guilt and self-loathing. So when Eli Carter enters her life, Hailey persistently denies her attraction and developing feelings for him. It’s wrong to like someone else when your boyfriend is dead. It’s easier to cope in other ways, like changing schools and using alcohol.

Meanwhile, Jeremy McClure—not realizing he’s dead—waits in the cemetery for his girlfriend to arrive. He’s certain they agreed to meet. Why else would he be here? The last time Jeremy saw Hailey, they were cruising home on a dark and rain-slicked road after an underage party. What he doesn't expect is an encounter with someone else.

Eli Carter has a jaded past. His junior year was full of skeletons, and his closet thrown wide open for the entire high school to see. But he manned up, and still got burned. With new girl Hailey, Eli has the chance for a fresh start, someone who knows nothing about his past. That is, if she’ll ever give him the time of day.

Told in alternating points of view, Haunted is the story of three teens whose lives cross after one fateful night, proving that one night changes everything.

My thoughts about Haunted ~~

I so totally love this cover! And as you know, I am a cover lover. This one is so beautiful and for lack of a better word, it's just haunting beautiful. 'One night changes everything' So true!

This story grabbed me from the very beginning and I just read and read. The first chapter ends with a car accident and someone dies. How does that not grab ya? That is always such a tragedy and so sad.

But the young man, Jeremy, does not realize that he is dead and just wants to connect with his girlfriend again. And Hailey, who was driving the car when the accident happened, feels so guilty and cannot imagine going on with her life, cannot imagine loving anyone after Jeremy.

I am always fascinated with stories that look at life after death. Since we really don't know what that is like or what it will be like (at least I don't and no one I know, knows), I love reading what authors' imaginations can come up with. And I love the idea that the dead can give us 'signs' that they are still with us.
'As I reach to close the door, I spot something against the curb, something red. A feather. It's reminds me, though it's painful to remember. I pick the feather up. As I run my fingers back and forth over it, I feel myself slip into the once-was for a moment and almost believe I'm there.'
Susan has done a believable job of creating a world where the dead and living try to communicate and ultimately try to move on. I loved the way the story was told from the point of view of the three main characters. It was a wonderful glimpse into the lives and thoughts of three teenagers, all going through their own personal hell.
'The world should have come to a halt. But it didn't. Doesn't. It keeps spinning and rotating and moving out of my control. People continue living, and it makes my stomach twist.'
Haunted is a wonderful, well written story that explores teenagers, death, and life after death. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I highly recommend it!

About the author

Susan Oloier is the author of five books: My Life as a Misfit, Fractured, Superstitions, Outcast, and Haunted, which released on December 17th, 2013. She has been a columnist and writer for both regional and national publications, including The Daily Beast. Susan currently lives with her husband, two sons, and a fish. When she's not writing, she loves to read, rock climb, and ski.

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  1. Susan, thank you so much for the beautiful review. I am so glad you like the book. Happy reading!


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