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On Tour: Of Dreams and Shadows by D.S McKnight. Voices, Excerpt, and a Giveaway!

Of Dreams and Shadow
Forget Me Not #1

Of Dreams and Shadow by D.S. McNight
Series: Forget Me Not #1
Paperback, 286 pages
Published September 23rd 2013 by Stone Bay Press

We live. We die. Is there anything more? Jenna Barton is about to find out. After moving to the coastal North Carolina town of Parson's Cove, Jenna has unwittingly stepped into the middle of a mystery involving a missing child.

Unfortunately, the predator is still on the loose and Jenna has become his new obsession. With a little luck and a bit of paranormal help, Jenna might survive.

My thoughts about Of Dreams and Shadow ~~

Cover love! I just love the color of this cover. And I love the simplicity of it - the single flower with the swishy blue/black shadowy background. Ahhh.

Whew! This story starts out pretty intense. A little girl playing in her back yard but feeling like someone or something is watching her. And a shadow that just isn't right. I wasn't sure what just happened. Yep, gotta keep reading!

And then the reader is taken into that same neighborhood, 12 years later, as we learn about another girl, this time a teenager, who moves into the community. Jenna is just trying to fit into that world, high school can be tough for the new kid. Pretty soon, she experiences the same feelings as the little girl, like someone or something is watching her.
'He had touched your mind and you have touched his.'
Of Dreams and Shadow held my attention from the very start, with all the mystery and questions and the intertwined lives of the teenagers, some of it good and and some of it bad. The author has a wonderful imagination and writes a very intriguing story that combines characters from the past, who aren't content to stay in the past, and those in the present who are affected by those from the past.
'It seems that anything is possible, even things that seemed the stuff of fairytales.'
I love the fact that this is book #1 in the Forget Me Not series. I am excited to see what the author has is store for us next!


Guest Post

Welcome to The Book Bag! I like to ask authors this question and I love to hear their responses. It's wonderful to get into an author's mind, even for just a little bit.

I have heard other authors say that they 'hear voices in their head' and that is how they write their books: the characters are telling their stories. Not being a writer myself, that concept has always intrigued me.

When some people hear voices, we get them medical attention, others end up becoming writers. Does this happen to you? How do you come up with your stories?

Hi! First I want to thank you for hosting me and my novel today. For those who don’t know me, I’m D.S. McKnight, author of the Young Adult Paranormal novel, Of Dreams and Shadow: Forget Me Not (Book 1).

I like being alone with my thoughts. This is probably a trait that many writers share. I can drive to town, think about my characters and if the distractions are a minimum, a beautiful thing can happen. My characters start speaking to me. Yeah, I know…I’m one of those people! I listen to the voices inside my head.

In the real world, we get to know people by listening to them. The same thing happens with characters. There are some we will feel a deep connection, others not so much. They will share their likes, their fears and their darkest secrets.

There is a scene that takes place in my novel. One of the characters is remembering a murder. I don’t want to give away too much but I was totally upset. I walked out of the home office and said to my husband. “I can’t believe it! He killed her! I never saw it coming!” To which my husband replied, “Uh, you’re writing this…” The thing is — if we will listen to the voices, they will tell us a tale that we never imagined!

Clinching her fist, she looked down at her ruined dress and blinked back the angry tears that threatened to fall. Tears were a luxury she couldn't afford at the moment. Gathering what was left of her tattered pride, she took a deep breath and walked out into the cold winter night.

Thankfully, Chase was quiet as they drove home. Jenna wasn't sure that she could have talked anyway. Her throat ached and her eyes burned. It was all she could do to hold herself together as she relived the events of the evening. She leaned her head against the seat and dabbed at her eyes, trying desperately to subdue the flow of tears that threatened to erupt. She could not, would not give anyone else something to talk about.

Reaching out to the stereo, Chase changed the station. As the upbeat music filled the car, Jenna pulled herself together and glanced over at him. She hadn't known what to expect when she got in his car, perhaps a sarcastic comment or maybe even indifference. Instead, Chase seemed as lost in his thoughts as she was her own. Closing her eyes, she leaned against the seat once again. Her breathing slowed and as she relaxed, the ache in her chest eased.

The car crept to a stop as Chase flipped on the turn signal. Jenna opened her eyes to find that they were at a stoplight on Waterway Drive. In a matter of a couple minutes, she would be home and her fairytale turned nightmare would be over. Relief washed over her. As he pulled into his driveway, he spoke. “I’m sorry about your dress.”

“Look, you didn't sabotage my evening. That would be your girlfriend. I just don’t get it. I haven’t done anything to her.”

“Ex-girlfriend and you moved here. You became the new flavor of the month.”

“The what?”

Chase chuckled. “That probably wasn't the best way to describe the situation. Look, she’s jealous of the attention you've been receiving.

“Right. Like she has reason to be jealous of me.” Jenna shook her head. “She looks like a beauty queen. She drives a new sports car. I can see where she should be jealous.”

“Things aren't always as they appear, Jenna. Her life isn't perfect, okay? Anyway, the thing is – I’m sorry. I guess I always thought her bark was worse than her bite.”

“Tell that to my dress.” Jenna opened the door and slid out of the car. “Well, thanks for the ride.”

“No problem.” Chase said as he shut his door. “Come on, I’ll walk you to your door.”

“That’s not necessary. I think I can manage.”

“Don’t be pig headed.” Chase walked beside her and placed his hand on the small of her back. “My dad would kill me if he found out that I didn't walk my date to her front door.”

“But, I’m not your—”

Chase cut her off. “You’re right…but I don’t see Ethan anywhere around, do you?”

“No, he’s definitely no where to be seen,” Jenna agreed as they reached her front porch.

“Here you are.”

“Here I am….” Jenna glanced up to find Chase watching her. She wondered why she had never noticed how wonderful he smelled. His eyes moved over her face stopping at her lips and then back up to her eyes. Jenna couldn't breath. She was afraid that he was going to kiss her. She was more afraid that he might not.

“I don’t think I told you,” Chase’s voice lowered, “but, you looked really pretty tonight.” He didn’t wait for her to respond. He walked away, disappearing into the darkness.”

About the author

When I was a little girl, I was afraid of my shadow. Seriously afraid - running and screaming afraid. Perhaps I've always been a victim of an over-active imagination and maybe that explains the monsters hiding under my bed, the ghosts lurking in my closet, and the Shadow that inspired my first novel. I'm D.S McKnight. I'm married, have three sons and make my home in coastal North Carolina.

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  1. You have made my day! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. To say that I'm attached to my characters is a bit of an understatement - so when someone else connects with them, I'm over the moon. Thanks for participating with my tour!

  2. Thanks for being in the tour Susan!

  3. This book sounds really good. Thanks for the great trailer.

  4. +Anita Yancey Thanks for watching the trailer for my novel Of Dreams and Shadow.


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