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The Secret Life of Book Club by Heather Woodhaven

The Secret Life of Book Club

The Secret Life of Book Club by Heather Woodhaven
Paperback and e-book
Published January 31st 2015 by Blue Azalea Press
Genre: Women's Fiction

Book Club Just Got Real. 

Jeanine Phelps is tired of reading about other women who grab life and have epiphanies. She challenges her book club to live like the heroines in the books they love. 

At first, seizing the day is pure fun until it generates an upset in each of their lives: 

Jeanine’s husband is so inspired by her new vitality it triggers a bizarre mid-life crisis involving tacos. 

Paula, the model PTA soccer mom, starts fighting with her man about the family printing business until she’s drawn back to her secret passion. 

Kate, a single mom and teacher, can’t figure out if the rekindled friendship with the new museum creator is worth the romantic risk. 

Anne, a mother of four babies, works to hold the book club together while trying to figure out her own identity. 

When everyone wants to quit the challenge, the media’s spotlight makes it impossible. Can they rely on each other while keeping their priorities? And more importantly, is their sanity worth the chance to each become a heroine in her own life? 

My thoughts about The Secret Life of Book Club ~~

Okay, first of all, since I am a cover lover -- isn't this cover just amazing? I love it!

And then there is the topic of the book. Four women in a book club. I love stories about women who are friends, or who want to be friends, and are there for each other through the good times as well as the bad times. And it's even better that these women are in a book club together. I love my book club friends!

So these four women are finding themselves getting a little bored with their lives and bored with the way their book club is evolving. They decide to work their way through the alphabet, completing a challenge for each letter. It has to be something that they have never tried before. And everyone has to partcipate. Boy, those are tough rules. I seriously don't know if my book clubs could handle this challenge. Some of the situations they found themselves in were just hilarious. Ahem, night time golfing. Hehehe. 

I enjoyed observing each new challenge that they tried and it was interesting to see how they all reacted to the tasks before them. Each challenge changed them in different ways and affected the way they began to think about themselves and their families. And some of the families began to see their wives and mothers in a whole new light. Sometimes it was a good light and sometimes not. 

 The Secret Life of Book Club is a very enjoyable read, especially if you like reading stories about women friends who rely on each other to grow and create change in the lives. I found myself totally engrossed in the pages of this book and loved being a part of these women's lives. I felt like I was a member of their book club and that I was there to share the good with the bad. Great job on this wonderful story, Heather. I hope to read more from you in the future. 

About the author

Heather Woodhaven earned her pilot's license, flew a hot air balloon over the safari lands of Kenya, assisted an engineer with a medical laser in a Haitian mission, parasailed over Caribbean seas, lived through an accidental detour onto a black diamond ski trail in the Aspens and snorkeled among sting rays before becoming a mother of three and wife of one. 

Now Heather spends her days celebrating laughter, adding to her impressive list of embarrassing moments, and raising a family of aspiring comedians who perform nightly at her table. She channels her love for adventure into writing characters who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances--whether running for their lives or battling the insanities of life.

Connect with Heather 

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