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Two for the Heart (Stories in Pairs, Set 1) by Ekta R. Garg

Two for the Heart

Two for the Heart by Ekta R. Garg
Series: Stories in Pairs, Set 1
ebook, first edition, 77 pages
Published: February 3, 2015 by Prairie Sky Publishing

A man and a woman get their divorce papers right after the wedding. A woman learns she’s suffering from amnesia. Two stories about relationships and the power of love. Two stories with characters to remember. Two stories for the heart.

The Proposal - Pooja and Akshay don’t want to bother with relationships, but they get cornered into marriage. The two devise a fool-proof plan: get married, then get their divorce papers ready. But will they have the guts to go through with the break up?

Remembrance - Helen wakes up in the hospital, but she has no idea how she got there. Everyone dodges the question…and then the sister she hasn't spoken to in 11 years arrives. Why is she here? And will Helen ever remember what happened?

The stories share a connection with each other and will definitely make one with readers.

My thoughts about Two for the Heart ~~

What an interesting and different idea for telling stories. Ekta will be writing her stories in pairs. First we will get the main stories and characters then in the next set we will learn even more about those characters who we came to know in the first set. The two stories in the pairs will have a thread that connects then. The reader has to figure out what that thread is. Doesn't this sound like a fun and unusual way to tell and read stories?

Both of these stories had great characters and plots. I was intrigued to discover how they would each deal with the situations that they found themselves in. And I loved looking for that connection between the two stories. The two stories are completely different from each other but they do indeed have a connection. And they are definitely stories of the heart.

I loved both of these stories and I can't wait to continue this unique reading journey that Ekta has come up with. She is a wonderful storyteller!

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About the author

Since the start of her publishing career in 2005 Ekta has edited and written about everything from health care to home improvement to Hindi films. She has worked for: The Portland Physician Scribe, Portland, Oregon's premier medical newspaper; show magazines for home tours organized by the Portland Home Builders Association; ABCDlady.com; The Bollywood Ticket; The International Indian; and the annual anthologies published by the Avondale Inkslingers, based in Avondale, Arizona.

In 2011 Ekta stepped off the ledge and became a freelancer. She edits short stories and novels for other writers, contributing to their writing dreams. She is also a part-time editor for aois21, and she reviews books for her own book review blog as well as NetGalley, TypeReel, and Bookpleasures.com.

Prairie Sky Publishing serves as the publishing arm of Ekta's professional writing blog, The Write Edge (thewriteedge.wordpress.com). When she's not writing, Ekta is a domestic engineer--known in the vernacular as "a housewife." She's married, has two energetic daughters who keep her running, and she divides her time between keeping house and fulfilling her writing dreams.

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