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Book Spotlight Giveaway! The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards

I have sooooo many books! I have a ton of print books and probably even more e-books. The Book Spotlight feature that I post every Saturday is a way for me to clear my shelves and to share some of the books I have. There are a lot of different reasons that I might be letting some of my books go, the biggest one is that when we moved I discovered just how many books I really do have. This feature is a way for my to cull my collection and to give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them.

The book that I am featuring this week is an oldie but a goodie. I read it a couple of times, once for my book club and we had a great discussion. It's time to pass this one on to someone else.   

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
Print and e-book, 401 pages
Published May 30th 2006 by Penguin Books

On a winter night in 1964, Dr. David Henry is forced by a blizzard to deliver his own twins. His son, born first, is perfectly healthy. Yet when his daughter is born, he sees immediately that she has Down's Syndrome. Rationalizing it as a need to protect Norah, his wife, he makes a split-second decision that will alter all of their lives forever. He asks his nurse to take the baby away to an institution and never to reveal the secret. But Caroline, the nurse, cannot leave the infant. Instead, she disappears into another city to raise the child herself. 

So begins this story that unfolds over a quarter of a century - in which these two families, ignorant of each other, are yet bound by the fateful decision made that long-ago winter night. Norah Henry, who knows only that her daughter died at birth, remains inconsolable; her grief weighs heavily on their marriage. And Paul, their son, raises himself as best he can, in a house grown cold with mourning. Meanwhile, Phoebe, the lost daughter, grows from a sunny child to a vibrant young woman whose mother loves her as fiercely as if she were her own.

About the author

Kim Edwards was born in Killeen, Texas. She grew up in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and graduated from Colgate University and The University of Iowa, where she earned an MFA in fiction and an MA in linguistics. She is the author of a story collection, The Secrets of a Fire King, which was a finalist for the PEN/Hemingway Award; her stories have been published in The Paris Review, Story, Ploughshares, Zoetrope, and many other periodicals. She has received many awards for the short story as well, including a Pushcart Prize, the National Magazine Award, the Nelson Algren Award, and inclusion in both The Best American Short Stories and the Symphony Space program ‘Selected Shorts.’ She is the recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award, as well as grants from the Pennsylvania and Kentucky Arts Councils, the Kentucky Foundation for Women, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, her first novel, was a Barnes and Noble Discover Award pick and became a word-of-mouth best-seller, spending 122 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, 20 of those weeks at #1. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter won the Kentucky Literary Award and the British Book Award, and was chosen as Book of the Year for 2006 by USA Today. Her second novel, The Lake of Dreams, an Independent Booksellers pick, was also an international best seller; her work has been published in more than 32 countries. Currently, Kim is working on a new novel, as well as a collection of related stories.ut a toolbelt and asking if she needs anything fixed. So maybe it's only G-rated dreams that come true. 

Connect with Kim

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  1. This may be an oldie, but it's one I haven't read yet and have always wanted to. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely and emotional read. I would love to read it. I have added it to my TBR list. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Would love to read this book! Thanks for chance.

  4. I loved this book, and I loved the movie. Dylan McDermont? The nurse meets the truck driver that she marries, and is so protective of the little girl. I would love to win this. It is such a great story!

    1. I didn't realize this was a movie. I'm going to have to watch it.

  5. I love your choices of books you feature/giveaway. I'm hooked on your blog, Susan!

  6. I have always been so proud of Kim's tremendous success with her first novel!

  7. I have been wanting to read this. I know I would enjoy!! Thanks for your great giveaways!!

  8. The book sounds like a sad but very interesting story. I love the time period it is set in, and would enjoy reading it. Thanks for having the giveaway.

  9. I have always wanted to read this book, but haven't had the opportunity. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  10. The Memory Keepers Daughter sounds great, I would enjoy reading this book. Thank you
    Happy 4th of July!

  11. I LOVED this book. I would love to re-read it. thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  12. Sounds like an amazing book! Would love to read!

  13. I have always wanted to read this book. Cool giveaway!

  14. I loved this book and would like to have my own copy. Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Oh I haven't read this before and it sounds really good!

    Thanks so much!

  16. I had never heard of this one, but it sounds like a good, emotional read.


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