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Beach Wedding by Bella Cruise

Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding by Bella Cruise
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 23, 2015

Three weeks. One quirky small-town. The wedding of the year. What could go wrong?

Big-city wedding planner Ginny Austen has landed the job of a lifetime. Her new celebrity clients want a smash hit TV wedding, and they’ve got their hearts set on a quirky home-town wedding. Her home-town: Pelican Key Cove, Florida.

Ginny hasn’t been home since she high-tailed out of town the night before her high-school graduation with nothing but a vintage pink Camaro and a broken heart. She’s spent years building a life of her own, but now she’s got just three weeks to face her past and put together a dream wedding — in a town that makes ‘eccentric’ its middle name.

Ginny may be determined to stay professional, but the inhabitants of Pelican Cove have other ideas. And between her crazy aunts, a TV producer who puts Macciaveli to shame, and a downright sexy former flame, nothing about this wedding is going to plan. Can she pull off the big day with her sanity - and heart - intact? Or will her reputation go down in flames -- on national TV?

My thoughts about Beach Wedding ~~

Beach Wedding is a fun, emotional, and lovely story about two people who have to finally come to grips with what happened 10 years ago, when Ginny skipped town right before graduation. What is she running away from? And now that she is back in her hometown to pull off a wedding, can she face the reason she left?
'I don't blame him. I high-tailed out of this place the night before graduation, and never even said goodbye. I never told him the reasons I was leaving. I can't be surprised if he's not rolling out the welcome wagon, ten years after I broke both our hearts.'
Ginny's job as a wedding planner takes her back to her home town where she has to orchestrate a reality show wedding. She has some soul searching and explaining to do before it's all over and done with. She has to face Luke and come to terms with the feelings she had for him ten years ago.
'I'm not sixteen anymore, blushing every time a cute boy looks in my direction. I'm a grown woman, with poise, confidence, and an excellent credit score. I've engineered life changing proposals and impossible wedding ceremonies. I can manage a simple dinner date!'
I loved this wonderful, very enjoyable story that was filled with some really great characters. I especially loved the quirky aunt, two people who would be so much fun to hang out with. And I loved my journey to Pelican Key Cove, Florida, I hope I get to go back sometime. I will definitely be watching this author and reading more of her work.

About the author

Bella Cruise is a Florida girl turned California beach babe. She loves to travel and explore new places, and currently works as a nanny to two adorable little girls. For a close-up view of her crazy life (and favorite cupcakes!), you can find her on instagram @bellacruisewrites.

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