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The Cedar Key by Stephenia H. McGee ~ My Thoughts #TheCedarKey

The Cedar Key

The Cedar Key by Stephenia H. McGee
358 pages
Published October 6th 2020 by By The Vine Press

Could the key to Casey’s future be hidden in someone else’s past?

Casey Adams unexpectedly inherits an old Victorian house full of other people’s memories. Stuck in a quirky little Mississippi town, Casey’s hope for a fresh start died as soon she had to lay the grandmother she’d just met to rest.

But Grandma Ida carried secrets beyond the grave.

Before her death Ida carefully planned a trail of clues to help Casey unlock the Macintyre family secrets and finally explain why they abandoned her. But each of Ida’s letters will only come from Casey’s handsome—and often frustrating—new neighbor. As Casey pieces together the stories behind the objects filling her grandmother’s house, she embarks on a heart-stirring journey that rattles her foundations, ignites her faith, and leads her to a startling discovery that will reshape her future. But only if she can face the lies that have been slowly tearing her apart.


My thoughts about The Cedar Key ~~

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"All the stories are gone. Without the stories, I had a house full of people's memories and no one to decode them."

Stephenia H. McGee is a new author to me and I honestly didn't know much about the book when I won it from Goodreads, so I started on an unknown adventure when I opened this book. And what an adventure it was. 

Casey finally connected with her grandmother shorty before the elderly woman passed away. Before she died, Ida left notes and letters for Casey which lead her on a journey of discovery. Neighbors and towns people try to help her, but being an independent woman with a multitude of issues, it was hard for her to accept their help.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Casey discover the family secrets, as she starts to embrace the community, a community filled with loving and caring people. This was a very enjoyable story and I will be checking out more stories by this author.

I received a copy of The Cedar Key from the publisher via Goodreads and this is my honest opinion.


About the author

Stephenia H. McGee is a wife, mother of two very active little boys, author, and lover of history. She currently lives in Mississippi with her husband and sons where she writes stories of faith, redemption and the deep south. ~ Goodreads

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  1. This is on my TBR list. I have heard great things about it!


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