Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Art of Forgetting by Camille Noe Pagán

Marissa Rogers never wanted to be an alpha; beta suited her just fine. Taking charge without taking credit had always paid off: vaulting her to senior editor at a glossy magazine; keeping the peace with her critical, weight-obsessed mother; and enjoying the benefits of being best friends with gorgeous, charismatic, absolutely alpha Julia Ferrar.

And then Julia gets hit by a cab. She survives with minor obvious injuries, but brain damage steals her memory and alters her personality, possibly forever. Suddenly, Marissa is thrown into the role of alpha friend. As Julia struggles to regain her memory- dredging up issues Marissa would rather forget, including the fact that Julia asked her to abandon the love of her life ten years ago- Marissa's own equilibrium is shaken.

With the help of a dozen girls, she reluctantly agrees to coach in an after-school running program. There, Marissa uncovers her inner confidence and finds the courage to reexamine her past and take control of her future.

The Art of Forgetting is a story about the power of friendship, the memories and myths that hold us back, and the delicate balance between forgiving and forgetting.
~~synopsis from Goodreads.com

This book first caught my eye because of... yes, you guessed it.... the cover. I think this cover is so beautiful and elegant. 

I love to read stories about women that have friendships with other women or form a strong bond with other women because of a crisis in their lives. These kids of stories usually evolve into how those women support each other and how their relationships change them, usually for the good.

Well, that is exactly what this book is about. The relationship between Marissa and Julia has always been sort of one-sided, with Marissa following Julia and whatever she suggest. After Julia's accident, their relationship has to change and grow into something else. I loved watching Marissa come into her own and grow as a woman and individual that knows what she wants, no matter what Julia or anyone else thinks.

This was a fast read for me, I lost myself in the story and did not want to stop reading it. I even stayed up way too late reading it just so I could finish. Work was tough the next day, but I just had to keep going!

This is a debut book by Camille Noe Pagán and she did an excellent job. I will be watching to see what she writes next. 

Author's website  http://www.camillenoepagan.com


  1. Wow! That was fast - how did you do that?

  2. Sounds like a beautiful story!

  3. I am glad to read your wonderful review. I just checked this out from the library. That cover sealed the deal for me too! Thanks for your great review!


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