Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Book Tour: Blank Slate by Heather Justesen

Adrianna Mueller may be a world-renowned concert pianist, but when she wakes from her coma after a serious car accident, her ability to perform has disappeared as completely as her lost memory. 

As she recovers from her injuries, she struggles with the expectations of everyone—her family, friends, and fiancé, Brock—who all want everything to go back to the way it was.

Everyone except Gavin, Adrianna’s brother’s business partner, who finds himself drawn to the woman she is now. But he has his own problems. As he tries to get a handle on a former employee’s embezzlement, he fights his growing feelings for Adrianna.

And then a trip to the emergency room shakes everything up, leaving her to stumble as she tries to regain her footing all over again. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads 

Okay, so this books starts off pretty predictable. I could see right from the get-go where this author was taking me, the reader. And I was thinking, 'Oh no, why can't this author be a little more original? This is going to be a long, boring read - I've got it figured out already, in chapter one, for gosh sakes!' 

Hang on, though, Ms. Justesen takes you on a ride you don't want to miss. Yes, you can figure out where the story is headed and you can pretty much predict the outcome but you just want to keep reading. The journey is in getting the characters where they need to be in their lives. 

There were parts of the story that were comical as Adrianna tries to fit back into her life and things just don't seem to fit. And there were parts, and characters, that made me so mad when they were faced with disappointment and wanted innocent people to suffer. And there were sweet parts as some of the people tried to rediscover those that they thought they knew.  

And yes, there were even parts that brought me to tears! That is a true sign of a good book for me - when I get so involved in the lives of the characters in a story, that I cry when they cry, I hurt when they hurt, and I am happy when they are happy. Job well done, Heather! 

Ms. Justesen has 3 published books already and has another one in the works. I will be checking out her other 2 published books and will be keeping my eyes out for any new books she writes in the future. 

And ........ I love the cover!! 

Author's website http://www.heatherjustesen.com 

Author's blog http://heatherjustesen.blogspot.com/ 

Purchase links for Blank Slate -- Paperback on Amazon, Kindle and Smashwords -- from now until the end of July, if you go to Smashwords and enter code WV49Z, you can download the book for only $1.49! What a deal!!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Tristi Pinkston Book Tours.


  1. This is so intriguing! How awful would it be to lose something you were so incredible at after falling in a coma! That's awful!

    I'm definitely going to have to check this out though! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I agree! When I book brings me to tears you know it's a good one. I can't wait to get my hands on this on! Thanks!


  3. Susan, I'mn so glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for the great review!


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