Friday, January 4, 2013

A look back at 2012

I love Goodreads! You can create all kinds on montages featuring the books you read or want to read or just about anything having to do with books. 

Featured below are the books I read in 2012. I was able to get 100 books off of my TBR list this past year. But alas, I think I added 3 or 4 times that many to the list. *sigh* 

So many books, so little time! 

So here are the covers of the 100 books I read in 2012. These were some amazing reads! I can't wait to get started on my 2013 list!  

My books-read-in-2012 montage

Shatter Me
Folly Beach
Those Who Save Us
Year of the Chick
Deep Down True: A Novel
Night Road
Retirementquest: Make Better Decisions
Destined to Fail
Pyxis: The Discovery
What Happened to Hannah
The Bungalow
The Disappeared
The Book Thief
Chasing Rainbows
Write from the Heart: A Novel
This Beautiful Life
Being Lara: A Novel
Amber Eyes
The Murderer's Daughters
Letters In Cardboard Boxes

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  1. What a great list of books! It is wonderful to see Lionel in the middle of it all. Thanks for reading it in 2012 :)

    Paul R. Hewlett


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