Monday, June 24, 2013

CHOKE (The Breathless #2) by S.R. Johannes releases today and a Giveaway!

Choke (The Breathless #2)

When Eria escapes her home in the Biome, she uncovers more about her features and specifications as a HumaNot. Following her father's instructions, Eria embarks on a journey into a dangerous and unpredictable world.

Along the way, she encounters a young rebel, Dirk, who explains he's from the Anarchy, an underground human resistance rising up against the BOTs--advanced man-made robots gone wild. Together, Dirk and Eria battle underground serpents, desert dingos, sand storms, and advanced Bots that are always hot on their trail. As they become closer, Dirk reveals his hatred of machines, forcing Eria to hide the secret of what and who she really is.

When the truth of her identity comes out, Eria is forced to become the very thing she hates the most.

This novelette is about 20,000 words and is the 2nd in the YA Breathless novelette series. Exhale (#3) is scheduled for Nov 2013. 

Suffocate (The Breathless #1)

Suffocate is the first novelette in The Breathless series. It is a 15,000 word young adult thriller that combines the dystopic and science fiction genres.

For centuries, the world outside the Biome has been unlivable. Today, marks the first time anyone will attempt to leave the suffocating ecosphere. Eria is not worried because her scientist father has successfully tested the new Bio-Suit many times. 

It's a celebratory day until something goes horribly wrong. In the midst of tragedy, Eria uncovers a deep conspiracy in her perfect bubble. If those responsible find out what she knows, they won't stop hunting her until she takes her last breath.

The 2nd novelette in the series, Choke, is scheduled for June 2013. The 3rd, Exhale, is scheduled for Winter 2013.

About the author

Shelli Johannes-Wells (AKA S.R. JOHANNES)

2013 IPPY Silver Medalist (YA Fiction)
2012 IndieReader Discovery Winner for Young Adult Fiction
2012 U.S. Book News - Book Award Fiction - YA Finalist
2012 Georgia Author of the Year  - YA Nominee
2012 - The Kindle Book Review Award for Best Book (YA) - YA Finalist
Award-winning author of Amazon bestselling Untraceable & Uncontrollable - available in paperback & ebook at all major booksellers. Unstoppable (5/13)


Shelli has graciously given me a copy of each of these 2 e-books to giveaway to my followers. I will pick 2 names. The first person drawn can choose which ever e-book they want. The remaining e-book will go to the second person selected. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for having the giveaway.


  2. The girl in the cover looks like someone I know ;p
    Thanks for the giveaway

    1. Do tell Ashtrie! Do you know that person? Are you that person? Please share.

  3. Thanks ever so much for the awesome giveaway opportunity! I love being introduced to new authors/books!

  4. I love dystopian/sci-fi so these books sound perfect. The premise is interesting and they are definitely going on my TBR list. Thank you for the chance to win one of them!
    Bonnie Hilligoss/

  5. Conspiracy stories are good reads. I'm a fan of dystopia as well. I've already read a novel by S.R. before so I;m looking forward to this one. Thanks for the giveaway.



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