Thursday, June 6, 2013

On Tour: Breathe by Kate Bishop

Alex thought she had married the man of her dreams: successful, gorgeous, and delighted by her small-town charm. When he walks out six months later, proclaiming to have 'found himself' (with the help of a stunning yoga teacher), she 'finds herself' alone in an unfamiliar city, vengefully drinking through his prized wine collection, living on takeout, and refusing to answer the door. When this fails to cure her broken heart and bruised ego, she reluctantly allows her new friends to intervene. Slowly, Alex learns to define success on her own terms; she discovers the secret to love in all its forms, and the perfect flying crow pose, one breath at a time. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts about Breathe ~~

Let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed Breathe. I do not begin to understand yoga, have never tried it, can't even begin to imagine my body in some of those positions. But this story about Alex and how yoga fit into her life and her thinking grabbed me and kept me enthralled.

Breathe has some great characters that I loved getting to know. Alex has a wonderful group of people in her life, some old friends, some new friends, who help her get through the rough times. And they are there for her as she is 'trying to figure it all out'.

I was unaware of the fact that three friends wrote this story together. I cannot even imagine how that is possible. The story is very seamless and flow as a great story should. And actually, I felt very relaxed as I read this book. Hmmm, maybe I did learn a little bit about meditation and yoga after all. 

About the authors 

Kate Bishop is the collective spirit of three friends with a shared passion for writing, yoga and a good, old-fashioned (or New Age) love story. Breathe was inspired by their experiences both on and off the mat and was born of a genuine desire to throw some love, light and laughter into the mix.

Kristin Tone graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Psychology and received an M.A. in Education from Lesley University. A yoga teacher and an educator, she currently teaches at  PS1 Pluralistic School in Santa Monica, CA.

Talie Kattwinkel earned a degree in Women’s Studies and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona. She currently specializes in bodywork and healing. 

Bridget Evans attended the University of Maryland where she studied education. She taught in the Marin County school system for ten years and co-created OUTWORD, an outdoor writing program for children. She is also a yoga teacher. All three women are mothers to small children.

Connect with Kate 

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