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Book Spotlight Giveaway! Body of Lies (Eve Duncan #4) by Iris Johansen

The book that I am featuring this week is one that I got from my daughter when she moved. I have read most of the books in this series. I think, and I just love them. This one is book #4 in the series. Goodreads shows that there are 21 books in the series. Okay, so maybe I have some catching up to do.

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!


Body of Lies

Body of Lies by Iris Johansen
Series: Eve Duncan #4
Hardcover, 340 pages

Published March 26th 2002 by Bantam

From Iris Johansen, the New York Times bestselling author of The Search and Final Target, comes a taut, fast-paced, and terrifying psychological thriller that pushes the level of suspense to the absolute limit- and beyond. This time forensic sculptor Eve Duncan finds herself matched against a killer who will challenge her skill, test her courage, and threaten her family.

As a forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan deals in death every day of her life. It' s her job. And while it might seem macabre to some, Eve knows from personal experience that her work, giving a face and a name to the victims of violent death, helps bring closure to their families. Now that job is about to put not only her own life on the line...but the lives of everyone close to her.

It begins with a call from a high-ranking government official. He wants Eve to drop everything and come to Baton Rouge to identify the remains of an unknown murder victim. At first, Eve wants nothing to do with the project. She has finally found peace from her own tragic past, living a quiet life in a small lakeside cottage with Atlanta detective Joe Quinn and her adopted daughter, Jane. But a stunning series of seemingly unrelated events is about to upset all that.

Suddenly, Eve' s hard-won new world is turned upside down, and she flees to Baton Rouge to take on the project of identifying the skeleton. Forced to work in secrecy, given only the sketchiest of information, Eve can' t help but wonder if the high-level security that surrounds her is meant to protect her- or imprison her.

She hasn't even begun work on the reconstruction when the first death occurs. Someone totally ruthless, someone who can strike anywhere at any time, and with seeming immunity, is determined to put a halt to her work. Soon the questions- and the threats to her own life- begin to mount as Eve realizes she has stumbled into the heart of a chilling conspiracy.

There is only one person who can give her the answers she needs. And that is the dead man himself.

To survive, Eve must put her life on the line to uncover the deadly secret of his identity and learn the devastating truth buried beneath a body of lies.

About the author

Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is the New York Times bestselling author of Your Next Breath, The Perfect Witness, Live to See Tomorrow, Silencing Eve, Hunting Eve, Taking Eve, Sleep No More, What Doesn't Kill You, Bonnie, Quinn, Eve, Chasing The Night, Eight Days to Live, Blood Game, Deadlock, Dark Summer, Pandora's Daughter, Quicksand,Killer Dreams, On The Run, Countdown, Firestorm, Fatal Tide, Dead Aim, and more. And with her son Roy Johansen, she has coauthored The Naked Eye, Sight Unseen, Close Your Eyes, Shadow Zone, Storm Cycle, and Silent Thunder.

Johansen began writing after her children left home for college. She first achieved success in the early 1980s writing category romances. In 1991, Johansen began writing suspense historical romance novels, starting with the publication of The Wind Dancer. In 1996 Johansen switched genres, turning to crime fiction, with which she has had great success. She had seventeen consecutive New York Times bestsellers as of November 2006.

Johansen lives near Atlanta, Georgia and is married. Her son, Roy Johansen, is an Edgar Award-winning screenwriter and novelist. Her daughter, Tamara, serves as her research assistant.

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  1. I like this author. This book sounds like an exciting read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I have not read this yet, but I do read many of her books. Thanks for the giveaway and opportunity!!

  3. I love this series and author. Went and checked my shelves and I don't have this one. Crossing fingers and toes to win! Thanks a bunch:)

  4. Foot of snow on the ground and will be reading all dayl

  5. This book sounds really good. I just love all of Iris's books.

  6. Sounds like an exciting read. I like a mystery with some (reasonably accurate) science thrown in too.

  7. This is a new author to me but it looks good! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. I have wanted to read Iris Johansen like forever, so I would love to win this!!

  9. I admire a writer who's been able to write successfully in so many varied genres.

  10. The book sounds intriguing. Thanks for the chance.


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