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Book Spotlight Giveaway! Murder at The Washington Tribune by Margaret Truman

The book that I am featuring this week is one that I got from my daughter when she moved. She is a total mystery lover. I haven't read any books by Margaret Truman. This one is book #21 in the series. 

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Murder at The Washington Tribune

Murder at The Washington Tribune by Margaret Truman 
Series: Capital Crimes #21
Hardcover, 336 pages
Published October 25th 2005 by Ballantine Books

From senators to summer interns, from all the president’s men to all-powerful women, Margaret Truman captures the fascinating, high-wire drama of Washington, D.C., like no other writer. Now this master of mystery fiction takes us into the capital’s chaotic fourth estate. At the big, aggressive newspaper The Washington Tribune, a young woman has been murdered. And the hunt for her killer is making sensational and lethal headlines.

The victim, fresh out of journalism school, hoped to make a splash at the Trib–and then a maintenance man found her in a supply closet, brutally strangled to death. The Trib’s journalists are at once horrified and anxious to solve the crime before the cops do, and put this scandal to rest. But the Metropolitan Police Department isn’t going to let byline-hungry reporters get in the way of its investigation, and soon enough the journalists ad the cops have established warring task forces. Then a second woman is killed, in Franklin Square. Like the first, she was young, attractive, and worked in the media.

For veteran Trib reporter Joe Wilcox, whose career is mired in frustration and disappointment, the case strikes close to home. His daughter is a beautiful rising TV-news star. As his relationship with a female MPD detective grows more intimate, Joe sees a chance to renew himself as a reporter and as a man. Spearheading the Trib’s investigation, he baits a trap with a secret from his own past.

Suddenly Joe is risking his career, his marriage, and even his daughter’s life by playing a dangerous game with a possible serial killer, while a police detective is bending rules for the reporter she likes and trusts but may not know as well as she thinks she does. As Joe’s daughter finds herself trapped at the heart of a frantic manhunt, the walls come down between family, friendship, ethics, and ambition–and a killer hides in plain sight.

Chilling, riveting, and richly rewarding, Murder at The Washington Tribune is a brilliant tale of real people in a world where law, power, and honesty collide–and where the punishment only sometimes fits the crime. 

About the author

Mary Margaret Truman-Daniel, widely known throughout her life as "Margaret Truman", (February 17, 1924 — January 29, 2008) was an American singer who later became a successful writer. She was the only child of Harry S. Truman (33rd President of the United States) and his wife Bess.

Born in Independence, Missouri, she was christened Mary Margaret Truman (for her aunt Mary Jane Truman and her maternal grandmother Margaret Gates Wallace) but was called Margaret from early childhood.

She wrote several non-fiction and fiction books. Harry S. Truman (1972) was a critically acclaimed, full length biography of her father drawn from extensive resources at the Truman Library, published shortly before his death. Bess W. Truman (1986) was a detailed personal biography of her mother. She also wrote books on White House first ladies and pets, the history of the White House and its inhabitants, along with a critically successful series of fictional murder mysteries set in various locations in and around Washington, D.C. There have been claims these murder mysteries were ghost-written, perhaps by Donald Bain, but he denies this. She continued to write and publish regularly into her eighties.

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  1. My favorite mystery author is Jacqueline Winspear, Agatha Christie, and Daphne DuMaurier.

  2. I love mysteries. I like William Kent Krueger.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Love a good mystery and that's why I love James Patterson.

  4. Love it! Mine is James Patterson

  5. I love mysteries...I have many many favorite authors, to name a few.Patterson, Christie, DuMaurier.....!!

  6. I love mysteries and I enjoy Mary Higgins Clark and Agatha Christie.

  7. I like mysteries. I really don't have a favorite, as my real love of reading, is true crime.

  8. I do like mysteries, I enjoy Agatha Christie and Joanne Fluke.

  9. I love mysteries too. I like Bill Bass (among others)

  10. I am a mystery fan. i lean toward cozies, like Laura Levine and Emma Lathen.


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