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The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse ~ My Thoughts #TheArtOfHiding #NetGalley


The Art of Hiding

The Art of Hiding by Amanda Prowse
Paperback and e-book, 290 pages
Published July 18th 2017 by Lake Union Publishing

What would you do if you learned that the life you lived was a lie?

Nina McCarrick lives the perfect life, until her husband, Finn, is killed in a car accident and everything Nina thought she could rely on unravels.

Alone, bereft and faced with a mountain of debt, Nina quickly loses her life of luxury and she begins to question whether she ever really knew the man she married. Forced to move out of her family home, Nina returns to the rundown Southampton council estate—and the sister—she thought she had left far behind.

But Nina can’t let herself be overwhelmed—her boys need her. To save them, and herself, she will have to do what her husband discouraged for so long: pursue a career of her own. Torn between the life she thought she knew and the reality she now faces, Nina finally must learn what it means to take control of her life.

Bestselling author Amanda Prowse once again plumbs the depths of human experience in this stirring and empowering tale of one woman’s loss and love.

My thoughts about The Art of Hiding ~~ 

(I love to note the first lines of the books I'm reading. First lines can really grab a reader's attention and I love seeing where the author takes the reader after their first lines.)

First line—"Nina caught the red light only a spit away from the entrance to the boys' school. It was a regular frustration at the beginning of the day and something she tended to see as an omen. Green light, good day. Red light, bad day."

Nina's world is rocked to the core when she finds out that her husband is killed in a car accident. That's just the start of the unraveling of her whole life. 

Finn had promised her a life free of worry, a good life for her and their children. Finn had lied.  

I felt such empathy for Nina and her predicament. She has to try to protect her home and her sons all while trying to live with the mess her husband left behind. All three of them go through such a hard time and have to start living a different, difficult life from what they had led before.

Through it all, Nina learns that is a strong, capable woman who can take care of herself and her family and ultimately have a happy life. Oh, but what a journey to get to that knowledge.  

I received a copy of The Art of Hiding from Lake Union Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

About the author

Amanda Prowse

Amanda Prowse was a management consultant for ten years before realising that she was born to write. Amanda lives in the West Country with her husband and their two teenage sons.

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  1. I requested The Art of Hiding but didn't get it, so sad.... Still so curious about this book!


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