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Helix by Mary Ting
Series: International Sensory Assassin Network #2
Published by: Vesuvian Books
Publication date: September 10th 2019
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Alliances are forming. The resistance is growing. Everything is about to change.

With her memory still fragmented, Ava returns to the International Sensory Assassin Network (ISAN) to find the twin sister she never knew she had.

But as Ava hunts for information, she finds herself tangled in a web of yet more lies and conspiracy. The Helix serum may not be required to access her superpowers, and the number of male assassins—previously considered too volatile to tolerate Helix—is growing in every territory.

The more Ava uncovers, the more of a threat she becomes to ISAN. Her only salvation may be to join the rebels—if she isn’t killed first.



An icy gust slapped my face, pushing back my hair. My wig was lost to the relentless wind that almost flipped me over. The tight fabric whooshed, and I dove like a missile.

The ground blurred as I homed in on my target. When the guards noticed me, they shot over their shoulders, bullets ripping through the air. They missed. Their bodies twisted awkwardly in the gusts and spoiled their aim.

Palmer landed, and then his guards.

One of Palmer’s bodyguards continued to shoot at me. I’d had enough. Releasing my special armlet—another of Kendrick’s gadgets—I chucked it at the firing guard. It opened in the air to three feet of rope and coiled around his body like a snake. He dropped, unmoving, just when my feet touched the ground.

“Something is coming.” Tamara thumped beside me.

With no time to respond, I moved cautiously forward. Palmer gawked and staggered back when he realized I landed, untouched by bullets. My feet slid across the gravel until the wings on my back sprang back inside, and then I shot at Palmer’s men with my Taser, my team beside me.

That fool. Where does he think he’s going?

Palmer sprinted to the other end of the roof and traversed to the next building, his men following suit.

One by one, his men fell, zapped by our weapons.

“Hurry.” Brooke waved a hand. “We need to get him before he gets to that door.”

But I couldn’t. A savage wind slapped me fiercely, as if someone had switched on a giant fan. Where had it come from?

“It’s here,” Tamara shouted over the roar.


About the author

International Bestselling, Award-Winning Author Mary Ting writes soulful, spellbinding stories that excite the imagination and captivate readers all over the world. Her books run a wide range of genres and her storytelling talents have won her a devoted legion of fans and garnered critical praise.

Becoming an author happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she had in high school. After realizing she wanted to become a full-time author, Mary retired from teaching after twenty years. She also had the privilege of touring with the Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children's chapter book: No Bullies Allowed.

Mary resides in Southern California with her husband, two children, and two little dogs, Mochi and Mocha. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry.

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