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This or That Giveaway № 119 ~ The Girls by Elaine Kagan OR The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce #TheGirls #TheUnlikelyPilgrimageOfHaroldFry


I have sooooo many books!

The This or That Giveaway! feature that I post every Saturday is a way for me to cull my collection and to share some of the many books I have. I get to clear off some of my shelves to make room for more books and give someone else the chance to enjoy these treasures.

Good luck and be sure to stop back next week!


The Girls
by Elaine Kagan
Mass market paperback ~ January 1994

Pete Chickery is dead. It was sudden, it was violent, and it was by his own wife's hand. Why would Jessie Chickery, the prettiest, most enviable "girl" in her fortysomething set, take the life of the charming, sexy husband she obsessively loved?
Everyone loved Pete. All the guys he grew up with--and their wives.

Especially their wives, his wife's best friends. They are home-loving Ellen, tough-talking Tee, New York actress Frances, Jessie's sister Anne, and Pete's sister Anita--and now each tells the untold story of how Pete meant the world to her, how he made her feel adored, special, and satisfied. He was everything to everyone, but he wasn't enough--or he was just too much of a good thing.


The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
by Rachel Joyce
Paperback ~ Published March 2012

Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Best Fiction (2012)

Meet Harold Fry, recently retired. He lives in a small English village with his wife, Maureen, who seems irritated by almost everything he does, even down to how he butters his toast. Little differentiates one day from the next. Then one morning the mail arrives, and within the stack of quotidian minutiae is a letter addressed to Harold in a shaky scrawl from a woman he hasn't seen or heard from in twenty years. Queenie Hennessy is in hospice and is writing to say goodbye.

Harold pens a quick reply and, leaving Maureen to her chores, heads to the corner mailbox. But then, as happens in the very best works of fiction, Harold has a chance encounter, one that convinces him that he absolutely must deliver his message to Queenie in person. And thus begins the unlikely pilgrimage. Harold Fry is determined to walk six hundred miles from Kingsbridge to the hospice in Berwick-upon-Tweed because, he believes, as long as he walks, Queenie Hennessey will live.

Still in his yachting shoes and light coat, Harold embarks on his urgent quest across the countryside. Along the way he meets one character after another, each of whom unlocks his long-dormant spirit and sense of promise. Memories of his first dance with Maureen, his wedding day, his joy in fatherhood, come rushing back to him - allowing him to also reconcile the losses and the regrets. As for Maureen, she finds herself missing Harold for the first time in years.

And then there is the unfinished business with Queenie Hennessy.


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