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What She Left Us by Stephanie Elliot

Jenna and Courtney are dealing with the unexpected death of their mother in different ways. Jenna broke off her engagement to the man she thought she'd love forever, while Courtney headed back to college to take charge of a dorm-floor full of college students as a resident assistant.

Six months later, Jenna is fueled by panic over the news that the sisters may have the same disease that caused their mother's death and she makes an irrational decision - she packs it up and heads to college to be with Courtney. The timing couldn't be worse for Courtney, who's discovering love for the first time with Mitch, a sexy guitar player who may just be off limits.

Emotionally unstable, Jenna wonders if she made the worst mistake of her life by breaking off her engagement with Darren, and when he shows up to make amends, she can't help but second-guess her decision. But then there's Clay, the compassionate bartender at Klippy's who seems to understand everything Jenna's going through. And those hazel eyes just seem to see right through to Jenna's soul…

As the girls maneuver through their unpredictable futures, trying to manage their new health risks as well as tumultuous love lives, Courtney finds a disturbing photograph that indicates there may be more to their family than she ever imagined.

This stunning revelation could shatter the sisters to the very core, making them question everything they thought they knew about their family, their faith, their past and, most of all, each other. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts about What She Left Us ~~

Loved it! Two sisters have to deal with their mother's death and then find out that they may have the same disease. Their lives will never be the same. Drama, drama, drama. There is the old boyfriend, the new boyfriend, the absent father, and the change to the way the sisters have to live their lives.

Sounds confusing? It's not really. It's all just what makes this a story you want to get lost in ~ you have to keep reading to see what is going to happen to Jenna and Courtney next.
'They'd forever be sisters. No matter what. Nothing could ever change that.'
I have to say the following line is probably one of my favorite lines in the book
'I'd rather have messy clarity than hazy messiness.'
Umm? Deep!

I am always interested in seeing how the author ties the title to the story. I am not really sure how that whole process works. Is it like the chicken and the egg question? But I loved how this title, What She Left Us, took on so many different meanings in the story. Read it and see what you think.

I also read Stephanie's novella, The Cell Phone Lot, and loved it. You can read my thoughts here

At the end of What She Left Us is an excerpt from Stephanie's next book, Before the Beginning, which is scheduled to be released this summer. I can't wait!!

Stephanie writes the wonderful blog Booking With Manic. She features books and hold awesome giveaways. I always look forward to seeing what book she will be talking about and what question she wants her readers to answer for a chance to win.

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Stephanie Elliot is the author of What She Left Us and The Cell Phone Lot. She is also the owner of Booking with Manic the popular book blog. Visit her at

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