Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Singularity Blog Tour Mini Post #1

Would you upload your brain to the cloud?
by Susan Kaye Quinn

The tech is coming: already scientists are building AI software that learns and hardware that mimics the structure of the brain. But it’s no small job to create a mind… especially given we don’t really understand how our own mind/brains/souls work! But someday, the tech will be here.

And when that happens: would you be willing to “go digital” with your brain (or mind? Your essence? Your soul?)?

I think it will challenge everything we know about being human. And it’s one of the core questions I tackle in my Singularity Series (novels and short stories about the coming day when the capability for artificial intelligence has arrived).

What are your thoughts? When the day comes, would you upload your brain to the cloud?


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