Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Singularity Blog Tour Mini Post #3

The Robots Are Coming… For Your Job
by Susan Kaye Quinn

The future isn’t just about terrifying Artificial Intelligence. What about the ordinary bot that’s smart enough to diagnose medical problems? Or take your order at McDonald’s? Or write an article for an online newspaper? THESE ALREADY EXIST. And the future will have smarter and smarter machines.

Just like self-driving cars, the bots don’t have to be Einstein. They just have to be a little bit better than human.

In my Singularity series, I imagine a future where humans have the chance to upgrade themselves—they inject nanites in their brains, become super-intelligenct, and stay ahead of the robots that way. Is that the only future we’ll have left for us? And will that option even appear before the robots take most of our jobs?

Are you a techno-optimist, believing that technology will always improve things overall? Or are you a techno-pessimist, believing that technology can be the unraveling of our way of life?

A look at our coming robot economy…

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