Friday, August 28, 2015

The Singularity Blog Tour Mini Post #4

Where does Creativity come from?
By Susan Kaye Quinn

Your mind? Conscious or Subconscious? Your Soul? (And is that a separate thing from your mind?) Are we just meat and electricity, random firings of neurons producing a seeming intelligence, like the million monkeys and a million typewriters eventually producing Shakespeare? Or is there a supernatural Muse that invades our bodies and creates art – in other words, are we just the conduit for something greater?

This is the “hard question of consciousness” – are we just the sum of our biology, our wet neural processes, or are we something more?

I love the idea that the coming of our Robot Overlords will force us to finally figure out what makes a person… a person. With consciousness and creativity and… a soul?

It’s the fundamental question that all those creative stories humankind has been fabricating for millenium have been trying to answer: what makes us human? In my Singularity series, I tackle this question head-on… including all the questions about mind, body, and soul that I think we’ll be struggling to answer in the very near future.

Shots of Awe is an amazing YouTube channel addressing all these questions

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