Friday, October 6, 2017

New Release! Rattling the Heat in Deadwood by AnnCharles #RATTLINGtheHEAT #AnnWCharles


Rattling the Heat in Deadwood 
(Deadwood 8)

Woo hoo! Violet Parker's newest adventure in Deadwood is ready for you to read. You'll laugh, you'll cringe, and you'll have a blast with Violet and crew in Rattling the Heat in Deadwood!

“Whip-smart. Hilariously funny. I’m packing my bags and moving to Deadwood.” ~ Pamela DuMond, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for another Deadwood roller coaster ride! Violet and the gang are back, and the stakes couldn't be higher. I loved it!!” ~ Kristy McCaffrey, Author of the Award-Winning Wings of the West Series

Rattling the Heat in Deadwood 

A scrappy, hot-blooded woman can only take so much!

Violet Parker is on fire … or rather under fire yet again. New evidence has fanned the embers of a cold murder case, and her alibi is smoldering at the corners. While battling a dogged detective determined to pin the murder on her, Violet scrambles to find the real killer. Will she escape “the heat” with singed tail feathers? Or will Violet go down in flames?

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*Print books will be available via Amazon, participating vendors, and the Ann Charles Online Store around mid-October 2017. The Audio book version will be available in early 2018.

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About the author

Ann Charles

Ann lives in the beautiful Northern Arizona mountains with her clever husband, charming kids, and an incredibly sassy cat. After many years and several colleges, she managed to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing from the University of Washington.

Her books are mixed-genre mysteries full of mayhem and fun, romance and comedy, and whatever else feels right. Sisters in Crime was kind enough to let her join their membership years ago. In addition, she’s been a member of Romance Writers of America for so many moons that she’s lost count.

Ann has written a bunch of contemporary, award-winning novels in multiple series full of quirky characters with whom she loves to spend time as much as reality allows. Right now, while you’re reading this, she’s probably frolicking around in another story.

While her reading preferences range from adventure to horror to mystery, ever since she tried on her first training bra, she has loved a good mix of romance, too.

When she’s not dabbling in fiction, she’s penning writing-themed articles or standing on her workshop soapbox, sharing what she has learned over the years about the writing craft and self-promotion.

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