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On Tour: Sex, Lies & Hot Tubs by Elissa Ambrose

If a woman tries to preserve a marriage that has been damaged by infidelity, is she heroic or is she delusional? How many times does her husband have to cheat before she calls it quits? How many times does he have to get caught?

Meet Ellen Dunwell, doting wife, loving mother, high school teacher extaordinaire. She's worried that her husband, the respected Dr. Jeffrey Dunwell, wonderful father, great lover, is having another affair. As if that’s not bad enough, her friends don’t understand her, her neighbor’s son is a Peeping Tom, and her angst-ridden teenage daughter is stashing pot in her room and dating a control freak. When Jeffrey disappears, Ellen resolves to mend her family and sets out on a mission to find him—only to get caught up in a web of intrigue and danger, where nothing is as it seems and the stakes are her life. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts about Sex, Lies & Hot Tubs ~~

Once again, a great cover! The hot tub, some sun and a refreshing drink with a flower. How awesome would that be?

What a great, fun story this was! It had it all ~ romance, adultery, comedy, mystery, spying, teenager problems, secrets, more comedy. Whew!

I loved being in Ellen's life - what a crazy ride that was! Her husband is unfaithful and she takes him back anyway but can she ever trust him again? She wants to make her marriage work because she doesn't know what she would do without him. So she sort of just ignores the signs.

Probably one of the greatest characters in the book is Keeley, who works for Ellen's husband. She shows up on Ellen's doorstep and says she is Jeffrey's fiancee and is concerned that Jeffrey is cheating on her with another woman. She thinks that the two of them should do something about it. She is a hoot and Ellen just accepts her as a fact of life. "Compared to everything else going on in my life, bonding in hot water with my husband's fiancee suddenly didn't seem all that strange."

I sometimes had a hard time liking Ellen, she was willing to forgive her husband over and over. I wanted her to stand up for herself and kick the bum out. She did finally get some backbone and ended up doing some pretty major and dangerous sleuthing. Way to go, Ellen! She finally realizes - 'I needed him to fill a void I'd defined as myself.'

There were a lot of great lines in this story. Probably one of the funniest was ~ 'It wasn't just her yelling at me in the parking lot, it was that she was yelling at all. I mean, really. The woman was a vegan.'

Sex, Lies & Hot Tubs was a very enjoyable read and kept me interested, there was a lot going on all the time. I am definitely going to have to check out Elissa's other books.

Stop by The Book Bag tomorrow when I ask Elissa about the voices in her head.

About the author

Elissa Ambrose was born in Montreal, Canada. After graduating from McGill University with a degree in English, for some strange reason she embarked on a career in computer programming. Seventeen years later, after an amicable parting with technology, she returned to her first love—the written word. First she was an editor at a company that produced educational material, and later at a literary magazine. Prior to Sex, Lies & Hot Tubs, she published four romances with Harlequin and several short stories. Along the road to publication, she raised two daughters. She and her husband now live in Arizona. (Yes, it’s hot. But it’s a dry heat, remember? And you can’t shovel heat.)

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