Monday, October 22, 2012

Whole Latte Life by Joanne DeMaio and a Giveaway!

Would you leave everything behind to know who you are?

Sara Beth Riley never dreamt she'd walk straight out of her life. Actually she'd never dreamt a lot of things that had happened this year ... From being kidnapped by her own best friend, to throwing her wedding rings into the Hudson River, to calling an old love in France, to getting inked with said best friend, painting the passionate constellation of these choices into permanence. But mostly, she could never have dreamt what started it all. How could it be that her mother's unexpected death, and the grief which lingered painfully long, turned her into the woman she was finally meant to become?

Sara Beth's escape begins a summer of change - of herself, of marriage, of the lives of those around her. In a story that moves from Manhattan to the sea to a quaint New England town, Whole Latte Life looks at friends we never forget, at decisions we linger with, at our attempts to live the lives we love. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts about Whole Latte Life ~~

If you know me at all, then you know I have to comment on this cover. This is such a yummy looking cover ~ can't you just smell the coffee? I read this as an e-book but I am sure if I had read the print version of it and had to look at that cover all the time, I would be on a caffeine high right now.

I love reading books about women friends and their relationships. This book has that and so much more. Sara Beth and Rachel are best friends and head to the big city to celebrate their fortieth birthdays. Sara excuses herself to go to the bathroom and never comes back. She leaves a note for Rachel saying she is fine, but how can a best friend just let her go. This story just drew me in from that very first scene.

Whole Latte Life is a very well written women's contemporary fiction which kept me involved in these women's lives the entire time. There is just so much going on in both Sara Beth's and Rachel's lives that I was compelled to keep reading to make sure they were going to be alright. I really felt like Rachel and Sara Beth were my friends also and I cared about what happened to them.

I loved the references to art that were in the book. It appealed to my artistic side to be reminded of how much our lives are paralleled to art - the layers of our lives, like the layers of paint on a canvas. There was so much more, too much to go into here but it was comforting to read the analogies between art and relationships.

I loved Whole Latte Life, the book, (which is also the name of the coffee shop that the women frequent, isn't that a cool coffee shop name?) but it could also refer to how we should all live our lives. A lot of lessons could be learned from this story.

Joanne's website indicates that she is working on her next novel which should be out in early 2013. I know I will be watching for it and I will be anxious to see where she takes me next.

About the author

Joanne DeMaio is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction. Her bestselling novel Whole Latte Life won First Place in the 2012 Discovery Awards and was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a Critics' Pick. It has been featured in USA Today, The Huffington Post, Barnes & Noble's blog and other outlets. In addition, her music essays have appeared in literary journals, celebrating her passion for song. Joanne lives with her family in Connecticut, where the coffee and stories are always brewing.

Connect with Joanne

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  1. This cover is adorable! And the books sounds lovely, as well. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  2. This book sounds adorbs. Thanks!

  3. Irresistible cover art. Thanks for the giveaway.


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