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Under a Blue Sky by Jason Sandberg ~ My Thoughts


Under a Blue Sky

Under a Blue Sky by Jason Sandberg
ebook, 14 pages
Published November 29th 2014 by Jason Sandberg eBooks

"For some time I've been wondering how I could include my paintings in an eBook. I would need an appropriate narrative to tie the various landscapes together. The thought occurred that the 'story' could be a poem about the experience of taking in a landscape painting, the process of slowing down and appreciating the details. I chose my favorite paintings and placed them into a variety of illustrated rooms to create the impression of walking through a museum. Under a Blue Sky is a poem for children that celebrates those first youthful glimpses at the complexity and scale of our world."—Jason Sandberg

My thoughts about Under a Blue Sky ~~

I have maybe read most, if not all, of Jason's books and even though they are short and sweet, I have loved them all. I love savoring the pictures he draws to go along with the beautiful words he writes.

Under a Blue Sky is full of fascinating illustrations of all kinds of skies. So as we are reading about blue skies, grey skies, and orange skies, we get to savor the wonderful pictures depicting the scenes he describes.

Under a Blue Sky and several of Jason's other books 
are only $.99 on Amazon right now. 

About the author

“I’m a Fine Artist who also wants to produce the ‘missing books’ from my childhood, the books I wished I’d had.”

Jason Sandberg, born in Minneapolis in 1971, acquired a love of drawing after discovering the artwork of Jacob Kurtzberg. His paintings have been exhibited in Minneapolis and Manhattan. Art Historian Scott McCloud classified his work as “uncategorizable.”

Connect with Jason

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