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Smoke and Mirrors by TJ Moore ~ My Thoughts #SmokeAndMirrors


Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors by TJ Moore
Paperback, 316 pages
Published March 7th 2019

This collection of suspense features a diverse cast of characters facing their fears across America. 

A Mississippi carnival hypnotist makes moonshine, promising immortality. Mischievous pranksters rise to fame in Hollywood. Reality bends to its breaking point at a summer camp in Louisiana. Teenage friends investigate supernatural sightings near Malibu Pier. Vampires forge a family legacy, starting a peculiar business in Portland. A young mad scientist searches for an apprentice. New Jersey pet shop workers prepare for the arrival of a striped anaconda.

Discover the secrets of these modern stories about what happens after dark.


My thoughts about Smoke and Mirrors ~~

Smoke and Mirrors is outside of my normal reading genre, usually. And you may be wondering why I read something like this instead of my typical women's, chick-lit, or historical fiction. Little do you know that I am a huge Stephen King fan as well as a Dean Koontz reader. So I do have my dark side.

This wonderful collection of stories reminded me of these two authors with their dark, and a little bit weird, imaginations. And I am totally saying that as a compliment to TJ—I loved his dark and weird stories!

There is plenty of variety in this collection, all sorts of scenarios and characters that grab the reader's attention. I loved that after a few of them I just had to stop and think about what just happened, processing it all before I moved on.

I also have to mention the illustrations by Clare Doolittle are just amazing! It was fun to see her interpretation of the stories in her drawings.

I highly recommend Smoke and Mirrors if you are, like me, a King and/or Koontz fan, or if you love going down that dark and weird trail. This book will not disappoint.

I received an copy of Smoke and Mirrors from the author and this is my honest opinion of the book.

About the author

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TJ Moore writes mystery fiction about eccentric characters, magical places, and supernatural events. Moore is the author of the CSI thriller novel Mind Games, fiction story collection Smoke and Mirrors, and feature-length screenplays including Special Delivery, Slick and Vector. He lives in North Hollywood, CA. ~ Amazon

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  1. This sounds really interesting to me! I love short story collections that focus on a theme, especially something as weird sounding as this. Great review!


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