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On Tour and a Giveaway: Banana Split by Josi S. Kilpack

Sadie Hoffmiller has survived eighteen months of nonstop adventures filled with murder, deceit, and danger. She could really use some rest—and maybe even some time to heal—relaxing in the tropical paradise of Kaua'i. However, palm trees and sunshine are not as effective a medication as Sadie had hoped. And when she finds herself entangled—literally—with a dead body, she is forced to face the compounding fears and anxieties that are making her life so difficult to live.

Her determination to stay out of danger and to focus on overcoming her anxieties soon takes a backseat when she meets eleven-year-old Charlie, the son of the woman whose body she discovered near Anahola Beach. Charlies has some questions of his own about what happened to his mother, and he is convinced that only Sadie can help him. If only Sadie were as confident in her abilities as Charlie is.

With the help of her best friend and a local social worker, Sadie dives into another mystery with the hope that, at the end, she'll be able to find the peace and closure that has eluded her. ~~ synopsis from Goodreads

My thoughts on Banana Split ~~ 

I have not read any of this author's works before Banana Split. This series did catch my eye when I noticed the book published right before this one, Pumpkin Roll. Yummy! Banana Split is number seven in the Culinary Mystery series by Josi S. Kilpack with number eight, Tres Leches Cupcakes coming out in Fall 2012.

Just from reading this one book, I can tell this is a series that I want to be a part of. I immediately liked Sadie, the main character. As she once said to her therapist, "I am a magnet for murder." Sadie is just trying to live her life and get through what has happened to her in the past but dead bodies just seem to show up. She can't just walk away for the ordeal, she cares about the people involved in the situation and has to figure out a way to help them.

Sadie has a great support system; a loving, caring boyfriend, a great, best friend and a couple of children who are there for her. They all love and care about her and as a reader, I came to feel the same way.

I am one of those people who think series should be read in order and since I jumped into this series at number seven, I felt a little lost. There was something that happened in Boston previously, that affected Sadie and those around her. I am not sure what it was so I felt I was missing something. That happens with series and I don't expect author's to go back and rehash previous books. I guess I am going to have to go back to book one and 'catch up'. I also like to see the characters and their relationships develop over a number of books and I missed that by just reading the one book.

Overall, I enjoyed my glimpse into Sadie's world very much. And I definitely want to go back. I guess I should start with book number one, Lemon Tart, and read them all. So many books .... so little time!

Oh, and the author shares recipes in the book that correlate to the story. Awesomeness!!

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The Story Behind the Story Behind the Story

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  1. I've been reading Josi Kilpack's Sadie books since the beginning. At first, I thought they were too much like Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swensen series, but then I discovered that these have their own flair and personality. In fact, they are completely different. The only thing in common is including recipes and even those are completely different.

    I really enjoy her writing style and I love how feisty Sadie is. I really enjoy these books.

    This is the only one I haven't read yet, so I hope I win!!


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